Are there many people use rental LED displays?

Regarding the issue of “Are there many people use rental LED displays?”, we can actually know its usage by leasing the LED display on the stage of CCTV many times. If it is a product that no one cares about, it may receive national attention and treatment ?

Just from this point of view, the rental LED display is destined to be impossible to be ordinary. On the contrary, there are many people who use it. Whether it is to broadcast information or use it as a background wall for the stage, other electronic display devices cannot. alternative.

The pixel pitch specifications of rental LED displays are generally P6.25, P5.59, P4.81, P4.8, P4.62, P4, P3.91, etc. Generally, products below p3.91 are rarely used. This is mainly because products below P3.91 have too small dot spacing, which is not conducive to people who sit and watch from a distance. LED displays with small spacing like this are relatively It is suitable to be placed at the entrance door and used as a publicity advertisement.

rental LED display
rental LED display

Some people may be curious, what is the difference between leasing a full-color LED display and a fixed LED display. In fact, a simple understanding is a fixed-installed display, that is, an LED display that is rarely moved, such as a small spacing in the monitoring room. LED display, presumably few people will move the display in the monitoring room around.

Fixed-installed LED displays are generally divided into outdoor fixed installations and indoor fixed installations. After installation, they usually do not move in one place for a long time; while renting full-color LED displays is rarely understood, and will be based on the needs of performances and publicity. Moving to a designated venue for video playback, in order to meet the needs of this frequently moving studio, there is a special caravan carrying an LED display.

Of course, rental LED displays are not only used outdoors, but are also often used indoors. They are often used in stage performances, fashion shows, temporary advertising, new product launches, and so on. The viewing distance of the rental LED display is relatively not too far or very close, so its specifications are between outdoor fixed installation and small spacing.

P4 rental LED display
P4 rental LED display

P4 and P5 are mostly used for rental LED displays. Here we take P5 as an example to briefly talk about some of its features.

Features of P5 Rental LED Display

Lightweight die-cast aluminum enclosure

This is a common feature of rental screens. The LED rental screen itself needs to be transported, handled, installed, and disassembled frequently, so the box should not be too heavy. The P5 rental full-color LED display adopts a die-cast aluminum box, and the entire box is only about 8.5KG, which can be easily transported and disassembled by one person.

IP65 protection class

The P5 rental full-color LED display will often be used in outdoor stage performances, advertising, new product releases, etc., and the outdoor conditions are unpredictable, and there may be rainstorms, even heavy rainstorms, typhoons, etc. at any time. Therefore, the protection level of the P5 rental screen It should be above IP65, so as to ensure its stable operation.

If the protection level of the LED display is too low, once water enters, the entire display may be short-circuited or even burned. More serious, it may further cause a fire, resulting in unimaginable consequences.

Modular design

This is also the design scheme adopted to better maintain the P5 LED display. After all, rental LED displays are often disassembled and transported, and many times they may damage the components of the product if they are not careful. The modular design makes maintenance easier, and it is easy to achieve front and rear maintenance, which can save time and also save costs.

To sum up, P5 rental full-color LED display needs to have many unique characteristics. With the development of advertising media, stage performance and other industries, the demand for LED rental screens is also increasing, and the rental companies engaged in screen rental are also More and more, it is widely used at present.

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