How about the LED mobile advertising vehicle used for advertising?

With the multi-faceted development of LED displays, there is now an LED product that combines LED displays and advertising vehicles, which is an LED mobile advertising vehicle. So, what is the effect of using an LED mobile advertising vehicle to advertise?

It is reported that many customers in Shijiazhuang have ordered this kind of LED mobile advertising vehicle. We specially found Mr. Cheng, a local big customer who ordered 20 LED mobile advertising vehicles, to see if we can find what we want from Mr. desired answer.

Mr. Cheng told us that he is very optimistic about the effect of LED mobile advertising vehicles, because advertising mobile vehicles can cover a very large customer group when walking, and for those who are unwilling to walk, they can also stand on the floor From the above point of view, the advertisements on the LED mobile car can be seen directly through the window. From these perspectives, the effect is very good.

After listening to Mr. Cheng’s words, let’s talk about our views again:

First of all, in terms of screen size, the area of ​​the LED display screen on the LED mobile advertising vehicle can be large or small, about 3-8 square meters. This also means that there is more content that can be displayed. The observable distance of the audience will become farther and the probability of passive attraction will increase many times.

Secondly, the driving speed of the LED mobile advertising vehicle is very slow, and it stops from time to time, so that there will be more time for everyone to understand and watch the content of the advertisement carefully. Here we need to find a reference system to highlight its advantages. We can take the roof screen of a taxi as an example.

Like taxis that often drop off passengers, they will try their best to choose a safe place with fewer people, and will not stay if they get off. Moreover, since the speed of small vehicles is relatively fast, in many cases, people who are riding and walking do not have enough time to observe the relevant advertising content on the taxi. Only as drivers and passengers who are also driving motor vehicles can achieve a good observation effect when they are in a parallel prohibition state relative to the speed of the taxi.

Third, the driving routes of the two parties are different. LED mobile advertising vehicles will follow a fixed route day after day, while taxis have a lot of randomness. Therefore, there is a big difference in the stability of the audience between the two. If the advertiser’s product only needs to radiate the past groups along the store, then the LED large-screen advertisement of the LED mobile advertising vehicle is an ideal choice.

LED mobile advertising vehicle
LED mobile advertising vehicle

If the sales target of the product has great uncertainty, such as the sale of real estate, in addition to our current conventional media doing well in sinking content, we can further push the publicity to more narrow spaces. The taxi dome light advertisement takes advantage of this flexible mobility and can bring the advertisement content to thousands of households.

Therefore, if you want to compare a strong one between the two, the key is to see what kind of requirements the promoted product has on the market communication channel. At the same time, it is also directly related to the Guangxuan financial power behind it. It is like a small reservoir. You can use a small water pipe to pump water, and then the water can flow slowly to moisten the market.
If it is replaced by urban drainage pipes to pump water, I am afraid that it will run out in minutes. The amount of water is large, but often there is nothing left after the flood, because the water speed is too fast and the ground does not even have time to get wet. As long as the sun comes out, it can return to the dryness before the water in one afternoon.

Therefore, when we communicate with customers about who is better and who is worse in the media, we always reflect that customers should focus on finding out what kind of realistic stage their products are in and what kind of publicity channels are needed at this stage. Expose or submerge content information. At the same time, there is a more critical point is to do a good job of supporting content, in line with the actual product supporting content, so as to make advertising promotion more effective.

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