How much are LED Wall rentals?

When we buy things, we are usually more concerned about the price of the product, and the same is true for LED wall rentals. Many customers have left messages wanting to know the price of “LED wall rental”. After all, no matter what kind of product, it only meets their own needs it’s the best.

However, what many customers do not know is that it is difficult for LED display manufacturers to answer directly asking how much the LED rental video wall costs, because there are many details involved.

First of all, we do not know the customer’s LED electronic large screen installation environment, installation method, installation model and the country and method of transportation, so there is no way to accurately say the answer the customer wants.

Here are a few key points for you to remember:

1. Operational environment

LED rental video walls are mostly used indoors, but some semi-outdoor and outdoor use are not excluded. Semi-outdoor is mainly used for some LED display products under the eaves. Such products are not completely exposed to rain, but there may still be It was raining, so it was called semi-outdoor.

rental led display screen
rental led display screen

2. The way of installation

Generally, the rental LED display is assembled with a die-casting aluminum box structure. This structure is unanimously loved and praised by customers for its high precision of splicing, lightness of die-casting aluminum material, and ease of installation and disassembly.

Of course, its cost is also linked to the price of aluminum, which is much higher than the cost of the first two display screen structures. Its main structure is a high-precision die-casting aluminum metal structure. The LED modules, power supplies, power lines, signal lines, etc. are all assembled into a whole. During installation, only one complete box is spliced ​​together. Fixed by frame or welded metal structure, or hoisted with lifting rings, etc.

rental led display screen
rental led display screen

Only need to use aviation plug to connect the box and the box, the installation is very simple and fast. After the assembly is completed, redraw the wiring diagram in the software, and send the program to complete the debugging. And if you want to disassemble the moving position during playback, the disassembly is also very fast and convenient.

The advantages of the die-cast aluminum box structure are obvious at a glance. The internal wiring structure of the LED display is almost completely closed, and only the beautiful screen is left on the outside. Even the back is clean and neat, which is convenient and quick to splicing. The disadvantage is that the price is relatively high.

It is also possible to use a simple magnetic installation method for rental LED displays. The simple magnetic structure is mainly used in indoor or semi-outdoor LED displays, and most of the screen installation sites have walls or fixed points that can provide support structures. .

This kind of structure has low material cost, simple operation and simple installation, and is the first choice in the installation of small and medium-sized LED display screens. The disadvantage is that the labor requirements are high, and the wiring behind the display screen is complicated, which requires professional installation and production.

3. Installation model

There are many types of rental LED displays. The most commonly used rental LED displays are P3.91 and P4.81. Why are these two commonly used rental LED displays? Mainly because of the cabinets of these two led displays The size is 500*1000mm, and the size is moderate. The installation is simple and convenient, and it is convenient to rent and calculate the square number. The most important thing is that it can display high brightness outdoors and can meet the requirements of clarity.

outdoor rental led display screen
outdoor rental led display screen

Different models have large price differences, and it also depends on whether the environment of use is indoors or outdoors. Because even for the same model of LED rental display products, the outdoor and indoor prices are also very different.

4. Shipping method

Different modes of transportation have different prices. The general transportation costs are as follows:

Air > Sea > Land

The above is the price comparison under the same distance. If the distance is different, the price will be more expensive. Therefore, if the customer is not in a hurry to need the product, he can try to extend the time for half a month and choose other A more affordable shipping method, which can save a lot of shipping costs.

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