How to choose a LED advertising car?

Now more and more customers are buying LED advertising car. This new type of media equipment is loved by many people in the industry. So how to buy an LED advertising car? After purchasing, what should we pay attention to? Today Let us introduce you to this knowledge:

As a publicity tool for the new generation, the LED advertising car is quite powerful in terms of its appearance and playback. Its appearance is comparable to that of a small car, and it has standard muscle lines, which is an ordinary car. The car is unmatched.

All around the box body of the LED advertising vehicle are made of aluminum alloy profiles for deposit, which is more classy. No matter what, it must show its inner beauty, LED advertising car is no exception, now most people pay attention to the appearance and ignore the inner beauty.

But in fact, both inner beauty and outer beauty can be achieved at the same time. The so-called inner beauty is that all the configurations of the LED advertising vehicle, such as generators, air conditioners, computers, audio, etc., can serve you to the greatest extent. Drop the chain when it matters.

mobile LED advertising vehicle
mobile LED advertising vehicle

Now there are many manufacturers of LED advertising car on the market, and they sell them in the market. These manufacturers keep the biggest economic benefits to themselves, no matter the quality of the products, but we go in the opposite direction and bring greater value to customers. , What we pursue is the quality of products and the reputation of customers.

The biggest value of LED advertising vehicles is reflected in the display. A good display has no chromatic aberration, high definition, consistent appearance, and a good display refresh rate is generally above 1700. If you want to buy a satisfactory one Ruyi advertising car may wish to remember these points:

Generally speaking, LED advertising vehicles include maximum speed, fuel consumption per 100 kilometers, fuel specifications, braking performance, braking distance, minimum turning radius, number of cylinders, maximum engine power, torque, etc.

The new car is generally inspected from the appearance:

  • Whether the paint is damaged, whether the glass is broken, whether the engine, chassis, and oil leakage;
  • Whether the engine oil, gear oil, gasoline, cooling water are added enough, and the battery electrolyte is much less;
  • Check tire pressure, front and rear bumpers for bumps. Next, look at the lights in each part.
  • Inspecting the interior of the instrument panel, air conditioner, wiper, retractor, dome light, side light, shift handle, horn button, cigarette lighter; testing the inner lock, seat belt hook plate, fixing plate, seat belt automatic roll Belts, seat belt buckles;
  • Whether there is a card slot when the seat is adjusted
mobile LED advertising vehicle
mobile LED advertising vehicle

Finally, drive the LED advertising car on the road for inspection. If there is no problem, you can drive normally.

After buying the LED advertising vehicle, you need to pay attention to the following matters:

1. To avoid possible problems, we can choose passive protection and active protection, try to keep the items that may cause damage to the LED display away from the screen, and wipe the screen as gently as possible to remove the possible damage. Sex is minimized.

2. It is also very necessary to do a good job of cleaning and maintenance. Exposure to the outdoor environment for a long time is easy to get dirty, such as wind, sun, dust, etc. After a period of time, the screen must be dusty, which needs to be cleaned in time to wrap the surface with dust-proof soil for a long time to affect the viewing effect.

3. The power supply is required to be stable and the grounding protection is good. Do not use it in harsh natural conditions, especially strong lightning weather.

4. Metal objects that are easy to conduct electricity such as water and iron powder are strictly prohibited in the screen.

5. It is recommended that the mobile led advertising car display has a rest time of more than 2 hours a day, and the led display is used at least once a week during the rainy season. Generally, the screen is turned on at least once a month for more than 2 hours.

6. The display screen of the mobile led advertising vehicle needs to be regularly checked for normal operation and whether the line is damaged. If it does not work, it should be replaced in time. If the line is damaged, it should be repaired or replaced in time.

7. Do not stay in full white, full red, full green, full blue and other full bright screen for a long time during playback, so as to avoid excessive current, excessive heating of the power cord, damage to the LED light, and affect the service life of the display. Do not disassemble or splicing the screen at will!

8. The main control computer and other related equipment of the mobile led advertising vehicle display screen should ensure ventilation, heat dissipation and stable operation.

9. Non-professionals are forbidden to touch the internal circuit of the mobile led advertising vehicle display screen to avoid electric shock or damage to the circuit; if there is a problem, please ask a professional to repair it.

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