How to choose P3.91 LED rental display products?

Among all the stage rental displays, the P3.91 LED rental display is the most commonly used product, mainly because its distance is moderate, neither far nor close, whether it is used as the background of the stage or as a Video wall playback content, are competent.

Although we can often see stage rental LED displays, there are not many people who will buy this product. Let’s take a look at how to purchase the P3.91 LED rental display.

When purchasing rental LED display products, we need to consider the following issues:

The stage led display is actually an LED display that is put into the stage background, so the biggest feature of the stage rental led display is that it provides a wealth of stage background display functions, which can combine vivid photos, videos and shocking music effects. It creates a spectacular and modern sight. The stage rental display screen plays a large and clear live picture, creating an immersion that subverts the traditional visual experience.

The stage rental led display consists of the main stage screen, auxiliary screen and extended screen. The main screen features live streaming and excellent playback. In general, choose a monitor with a smaller pitch. The distance between points is usually within P6, so the larger the area, the better.

In this way, the scene of the P3.91 rental led display on the stage can be displayed smoothly in front of the audience. Typically the main screen will be flanked by multiple additional screens. Additional screens are not limited to rental screens, but can also be other special-shaped screens such as S-shaped curved screens, flexible LED screens, and cylindrical LED screens.

If the budget is limited, the screen can also use the cheap P5 or P6 stage rental led display. The stage video extension screen is generally used for the care of backstage audiences such as super large stages and concerts, so that all audiences can clearly see everything on the stage.

In addition to selecting the main body of the stage rental display, the rental display must also select an appropriate control system. Generally speaking, the stage rental led display has a large display area, high pixels, and a large number of transmission cards. Sometimes multiple controller cards are required to control cascaded splices.

P4 rental LED display
P4 rental LED display

If you want a better led display, you usually need to use a video processor. This allows for patching and clipping of video, enabling multiple windows. The image is displayed in the image, with higher scalability, and the video effect is more detailed and soft.

In addition, on the stage, we may also need to use some supporting equipment, such as audio, which is one of the commonly used supporting facilities on the stage. Sometimes, because it needs to be linked with the audio, a connecting line needs to be added.

Due to the particularity of the stage rental led display, a standardized stage rental led display light box structure is generally adopted, which is easy to disassemble, light in weight and convenient for transportation. The box is light in weight and quick to install, disassemble and transport. Suitable for large area rental and fixed stage rental led display installation applications.

The above is the content introduced to you, you can understand in detail, I hope it can help you. The rest is to find a good LED display manufacturer to buy.

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