How to make LED transparent screen more efficient?

LED transparent screen has now become one of the four most commonly used LED display series in the LED display industry, which is inseparable from its unique transparency advantage and thinness.

Note: The four major LED display series are: rental series, small spacing series, floor tile screen series, transparent screen series

Transparent LED display can compete in the mature LED market, mainly because it has the following characteristics:

  1. Simple operation and strong controllability:
  2. Small footprint and light weight:
  3. Only a simple steel frame structure is needed, which saves a lot of costs:
  4. Easy and fast maintenance:
  5. Save the cost of building lighting:
  6. Energy saving and environmental protection:

In addition to its unique permeability, it will not affect the overall appearance when it is not powered on. After powering on, in addition to seeing the displayed content, it can also penetrate the content and see the surroundings, which is very attractive. Tech sense.

So, is there any way we can further improve its transparency? The answer is yes. The following methods can help us improve the transparency of LED transparent displays.

1. Choose better quality

The key materials that determine the stability of LED transparent screens are LED lights, driver chips, LED power supply and excellent structural design. Therefore, we try to choose internationally renowned brands, as well as flexible power control systems.

Transparent LED display
Transparent LED display

For example, the selection requirements of switching power supply: with overheat protection, AC input should support wide voltage, anti-surge. The DC output must have overvoltage and overcurrent protection. The structural design not only ensures the appearance and fashion of the box, but also ensures a good heat dissipation method and a fast splicing method.

Some customers may not understand why the same material, the brand’s material is much more expensive. In fact, even if it is the same material, the production and quality are completely different. Brands pay more attention to product details and quality, while other products only focus on yield, so there is a big gap in product durability and aesthetics.

Using relatively inferior materials and running the product for a long time is prone to various strange phenomena. Therefore, in order to be more durable, it is not recommended to buy products with lower prices and lower quality.

2. System Control Plan

If due to the negligence of the staff or other reasons, in the traditional control scheme, the signal input line is located in the middle of the large LED display, from the loose box to the end of the signal cascade, all the displays will show no signal.

However, if a hot backup solution is added to the control system, when the signal line is loose or under other abnormal conditions, after the hot backup function is automatically activated, the display screen can still work normally without any impact on the live broadcast.

Therefore, each link of the LED control system should have the function of hot backup, and needs to include video sending and receiving equipment, signal transmission cables, etc., so as to ensure that when an accident occurs in a certain link in the system, the system can quickly automatically diagnose and Switch to another system.

Transparent LED display
Transparent LED display

3. LED transparent screen working status monitoring

Computer real-time monitoring, including temperature, humidity, voltage, smoke, cooling fan working status, etc. It can automatically adjust and handle various possible situations, and provide abnormal location and alarm. For example, when the box is high temperature due to the environment or other factors, if it is not dealt with in time, the power supply in the box will be protected at any time to prevent damage due to excessive temperature.

In this case, if the working status of the display screen is monitored, the system will reduce its internal temperature by intelligently adjusting the working status of the transparent LED glass screen. When the intelligent adjustment cannot reduce the temperature to the set value, the system will alarm through the staff’s setting method, and provide the location of the abnormal box to notify the staff to deal with it.

Through the above methods, the LED transparent display can be used more efficiently, and many problems in the use process can be avoided, especially when faced with some large-scale parliaments or events. The focus seems to be important.

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