Introduction to the main materials of the stadium LED display solution

The stadium LED display usually use what material?It just like ordinary LED display?Let’s take a look at the stadium LED display solution.

LED chip – The company is positioned in the design and production of medium and high-end large-scale LED display screens, and selects high-end, world-renowned brand light-emitting components, Taiwan Jingyuan, Nichia, etc. The company has maintained a good long-term cooperative relationship with manufacturers, and has a deep understanding and rich experience on how to play the advantages of these manufacturers’ products. The advantages and comparisons of these products are described separately.

LED module structure
LED module structure

Driver chip – select the LED dedicated driver chip from Taiwan’s world-renowned manufacturer. The special driver chip developed by this manufacturer for the LED display is very suitable for the company’s products, with the advantages of long life, stable performance, easy control, quality assurance, etc., and has a variety of specifications that can be applied to different types of displays. product.

Modular box – high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, select high-quality products from well-known domestic steel companies, thickness 2mm, according to the company’s design drawings after several punching and welding, there are reinforcing ribs (plates) in the box, and the back is fixed with bolts on on a steel back frame. The modular box of our company has been standardized and can be applied to a variety of display screens of different specifications, and there are hundreds of successful application cases.

Display module shell and face shield – PC (polycarbonate) material of GE is selected, and the company opens the mold for injection molding. This material has the advantages of good rigidity, good stability, long-term outdoor work, not easy to age, not easy to deform, etc., and easy to surface bonding and spraying.

Sealing glue – used to seal the front of the display module, so that the front of the display module meets the IP65 protection level specified in GB4208. The sealing objects of the sealing glue are mainly the display module shell (polycarbonate), the PCB board and the LED (epoxy resin). Therefore, the sealing glue is required to have good adhesion, adhesion and sealing performance for these three materials. The company uses the imported formula, prepares the sealing glue by itself, and uses the company’s unique glue filling process to ensure that the display module has a good sealing performance.

Steel back frame – Q235 series square tube profiles. Select high-quality products from well-known domestic iron and steel enterprises, and design the truss construction scheme and density according to factors such as the total weight of the display screen, the installation and fixation method, the 40m/s wind speed, and the local seismic requirements.

The square tube profile has the advantages of large bearing capacity, not easy to deform, easy to implement various processes of processing and fixed connection, light weight and material saving. Under the action of reasonable external force during the life of the display screen, the maximum deformation of each component does not exceed 2mm.

After understanding the materials that the stadium LED display needs to use, let’s take a look at what problems the stadium LED display needs to solve.

Have you ever thought about the possibility that when the video is played, the content of the screen is tampered with or other devices interfere with the LED display, resulting in the display screen not being displayed normally. Therefore, the network security of the stadium LED display requires special consideration.

Stadium LED Display Solution Communication Confidentiality and Network Security

1. Network Security

LED display screens are installed in public places to release video and audio information to the public, and the safety of their playback content is very important. Although various network security (encryption) technologies are constantly being updated, the insecurity factor of Ethernet is still very prominent. This battle of spear and shield will never stop. Therefore, it is necessary to remind users to receive good service from our company at the same time. , still must attach great importance to the security of network communication.

2. Confidentiality of communications

No matter what kind of remote communication, there is always a considerable part of equipment, lines or spaces that are not under the direct control of the user. Therefore, the remote communication may be hacked, which may cause inappropriate content to be displayed on the display screen or damage the user’s equipment.

To this end, in addition to taking measures in the design of hardware and software, the company also designs special communication protocols for long-distance communication, and automatically identifies communication data packets. When commands or files (playing schedules and playback materials, etc.) that do not meet the requirements are sent to the playback computer, they will be automatically rejected.

3. Encryption method

The editing software is installed on the editing computer, and the playing software is installed on the playing computer (in some projects, the playing computer is an industrial computer installed in the display screen, and the playing computer also undertakes the function of controlling the computer). The signal transmission principle of the whole system is shown in the following figure. Except for the DVI cable (including the connection ports at both ends, the same below) of the three-segment cable in the figure, other cables may not be within the operator’s control or line of sight.

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