P2 LED screen uses high refresh or normal refresh, what is the difference?

P2 LED screen is a transitional model between small pitch and conventional screen, with a density of 250,000 pixels per square, which makes it suitable for close viewing places such as conference rooms, exhibition halls, and marketing centers, and can also control lecture halls. , hotels and other distant places, and the price is only about 2,000 cheaper than the small-pitch P1.875, which is very cost-effective.

Like the P2 high-definition LED display, which is extremely compatible and cost-effective, no one will dislike the P2 LED high-definition display.

About the difference between 2K and 4K LED electronic display

The resolution of the display screen is determined according to the size of the screen. For example, 2K is 1920*1080P, 4K is 3840*2160P, P2 module size is 256*128mm, 320mm*160mm, and the module resolution is 128*64mm , 160*80mm. If you want to achieve 2K, the width and height are 3.84m*2.176m, then the 4K resolution is 7.68m × 4.352m, and the display screen is not the same as the mobile computer we usually use, LED full color screen The larger the area, the higher the resolution. This is also a very interesting point, so for some customers who only know the resolution but not the specific size, we can also plan and design for them.

Fine  Pitch Indoor LED Display
Fine Pitch Indoor LED Display

There is no upper limit of resolution, which brings infinite possibilities to the LED full-color display. The ultra-high definition and seamless splicing display break the boundaries of previous projection and LCD screens, and quickly gain a firm foothold in the display field and take root! With the steady development of the past few years, the price of this industry has stabilized and is no longer synonymous with huge profits.

Generally, the display screen is based on the fixed specification of 16:9 or 4:3. Although this aspect ratio is most suitable for the display of images, in some special installation occasions, some arbitrary sizes may be required. The LED screen can be reserved according to the installation position. The size is customized for the screen of the corresponding aspect ratio size.

Let’s take an example, such as a 10-square-meter LED high-definition display large screen, if it is a normal display size, whether it uses 16:9 or 4:3, there will eventually be more sizes that cannot be combined. And LED The large high-definition display screen can be 5m*2m, 3m*3m, or even 4m*2.5m and other flexible sizes.

P2 indoor small-pitch display
P2 indoor small-pitch display

We have introduced the difference between 2K and 4K above. This has something to do with high brushing. The higher the resolution and the higher the refresh rate, the smoother and more refined the obtained picture will be, but the corresponding price will be more expensive. , so when choosing the refresh rate, we should pay more attention.

The indoor environment has relatively low requirements on the brightness of the screen. Generally, the brightness of 500-800 is suitable for most indoor environments. However, the indoor viewing distance is relatively close. The level of saturation and refresh rate directly affects these two points. So, what is the refresh rate required for a high-brush P2 LED display to be considered a high-brush?

This is a very general concept, and it is also a concept that can cause a lot of misunderstanding. There is no clear value to use as a standard. You can say how much is a high brush. Taking this into account, to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, we give a very Clear values, the refresh rate of our high-brush P2 LED display can reach 3840Hz, and the normal refresh rate is 1920Hz.

When playing videos and pictures, the high-brush and normal-brush screens are almost indistinguishable with the naked eye, but through the mobile phone And high-definition camera, video equipment shooting can distinguish.

The screen of the regular brush will have clear water ripples when taking pictures with the mobile phone, and the screen looks flickering, while the screen of the high brush will not have water ripples. The price difference between high brush and general brush is about 800-1000. The specific choice depends on customer needs and capital budget.

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