The LED display screen appeared on Hunan TV’s “Everyday Upward” and became the core of the program!

As a blockbuster entertainment talk show launched by Hunan TV, “Everyday Upward” has a strong lineup, novel genres, witty humor, and has won high ratings since its inception and is deeply loved by audiences.

In the latest episode of the program, “Everyday Upward” takes the “metaverse” as its theme, and invites domestic professionals to unlock the “metaverse” with us, giving us a more vivid and three-dimensional understanding of new technologies. Among them, the interactive floor tile screen also shines in the show with its excellent appearance and cool effect.

“Metaverse” is a hot term at the moment, so what is everyone’s understanding of “metaverse”?

Different people have different views on the “metaverse”. Teacher Yao Haijun introduced that “the metaverse needs to start from science fiction. In 1992, the famous American science fiction writer Neil Stephenson depicted a science fiction masterpiece “Avalanche”. A future state of life where we can live in both virtual and real worlds at the same time. Writers call that cool virtual world the metaverse. This is what we call the “metaverse”, and its essence is the virtual world.”

The concept of “metaverse” is very broad. Simply put, it is the next stage of the Internet. It is a virtual reality supported by technologies such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), three-dimensional technology (3D) and artificial intelligence (AI). the real online world. It is born out of the real world, and it interacts with the real world, which can reach the realm where the real and the fake are difficult to distinguish, and the virtual and the real are mixed.

At the new exploration forum for the mutual entertainment industry in the metaverse era, Zhang Liangwei also said that “the characteristics of the metaverse are reflected in the immersion and the improvement of user-created content (UGC). With the development of the metaverse, the richer and more immersive The interactive experience will bring new imagination to the fields of games, education, exhibitions, etc. The mutual entertainment industry emphasizes interactivity and immersion, and the characteristics of nature and the metaverse have similarities, so mutual entertainment is likely to become the metaverse The first landing scene.”

The application of LED display in the program

The program opened with a wonderful laser show. The host and guests appeared amidst the cheers and screams of the audience.

With the end of the wonderful program, we found a special scene – a unique immersive future display space made of hundreds of cabinets. With the support of interactive LED display devices, an immersive virtual world. It is quite avant-garde and trendy, in line with the youthful and energetic variety of Hunan Satellite TV.

The LED display “dances on the same stage” with various black technologies, creating a sense of multi-dimensional space in virtual and reality, presenting a psychedelic world that breaks through reality. When walking interactively, there are flowers everywhere, and the stars twinkle when you touch your fingertips, sometimes imagining a fantasy universe, and sometimes imagining the flying stars, which is dazzling.

The interactive floor tile screen that incarnates the fashion runway is made of P3.91 interactive floor tile screen, with 63 cabinets and 31.5 square meters, supporting the “most dazzling ground plane” of the entire stage. High-definition display, changeable interaction, and flexible changes have laid a good “look” foundation for the entire stage beauty effect.

During the interaction between the P3.91 interactive floor tile screen and the host, ripples erupted.

In addition to the superior display effect, it also has good stable performance, and is not subject to current, voltage and static interference, and has strong anti-light interference ability. Feeling, this is simply an extension of vision, a weapon for dancers.

Cooperating with the interactive wall screen, the whole stage effect is more splendid. When the fingertips wander, more immersive and interactive atmosphere is rendered for the stage scene, and the display of lighting visual effects makes the environment more closely integrated.

Metaverse/Immersive/New Media

In the “Metaverse”, immersion is also a relatively hot concept at the moment. Zhang Shuyu, the representative of digital interactive art, introduced to us that “the immersion we often hear is actually VR, AR, XR, MR, etc. through software and hardware. Combined, VR is the virtual scene obtained by wearing VR glasses, AR is the virtual information obtained by comparing real objects with a mobile phone or tablet, and XR is a virtual environment presented by a multi-sided LED screen, X means infinite, similar to this LED shooting will be used in all kinds of film and television. MR is mixed reality.”

These interactive arts include pre-design, construction, exhibition, multimedia, immersion, etc. The exhibition items created by the combination of hardware and software allow everyone to see what the future world will look like in advance. At the same time, she also mentioned 7D to us, that is, sound, light, electricity, shadow, water, fog, smoke, and interaction. And carried out a series of interactive games with the Tiantian brothers on the spot.

In the process of game interaction, we heard a lot of familiar hot words “new media”, “immersive”, “visualization”, “interactive”, “air screen”, “brain wave”, etc., and these game screens It is presented through the interactive LED display on the stage as a carrier.

In addition, Mr. Liu Jiayu, a new media artist, introduced the creation of new media art and said, “The creation of new media art is based on the current technology as a medium, thereby presenting an immersive space. Some scenes and fields in our metaverse can be recreated. Feedback to our real world, so every new media creation is a port to the metaverse, and we transmit it through this port, our imagination of the metaverse.”

All of the above are works worthy of our careful appreciation. The combination of new media and art also makes us feel the charm of new technology.

In the future, digital services, art, games, and even commodity sales may all be moved into this virtual world and become a new business model, which may also open up a new blue ocean. In the blue ocean, LED displays are promising.

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