The stadium LED display related introduction

Stadium LED display have become a must for large stadiums such as the Beijing Olympics, the European Cup and the NBA. So what are the main uses of the LED stadium display, and how many types of stadium LED display are there? Today we will take you to find out.

Frist,Application of stadium LED display

Introduce the player information and the actual situation of the game. The large and clear live game screen breaks the seat restrictions and makes it easier to watch the game from a distance.

Connect to the referee system, timing and scoring system, and the LED screen can display the game time and score in real time.

Outdoor full color LED display in gymnasium
Outdoor full color LED display in gymnasium

Slow motion playback becomes the basis for the referee to make a correct referee, maintain the fairness and justice of the game, and reduce unnecessary conflicts.

Wonderful scenes, slow motion playback, close-up shots, bring a perfect visual feast to the audience.

Commercial advertisements are the icing on the cake on the game scene, the perfect picture quality and sound effects make the scene have a competitive atmosphere and shock.

Second, the stadium LED display classification:
Classification by use

  1. Full color LED large screen
    Used to play exciting scenes (including other venues), or replay live close-ups in slow motion, etc.
  2. Stadium LED fence screen
    LED fence screens are mainly used to play commercials and are connected by multiple individual LED boxes. The box is connected by a snap ring connector for quick and easy disassembly and maintenance. Each box has independent support feet, through which the angle between the screen and the ground can be adjusted to ensure the viewing angle.
  3. Timing and scoring LED display
    Connect with the game timing and scoring system, and broadcast the player’s results and related information. In a game sense, the timing and scoring screen is more important. Some games can be without a video screen. However, it cannot be used for the timing score screen either. The key to timing the scoring screen is the accuracy and clarity of the moment, and on this basis, it can be as vivid and stronger as possible (such as animation).
sports stadium led display
sports stadium led display

Classification by installation environment

  1. Football field LED display: mainly installed around the football field. It was used to advertise around football fields. Through the control of the system software, advertisements can be played in a loop, with rich content and good expressiveness.
  2. Funnel LED display: It is mainly used for indoor sports venues and above, and it is installed by hanging to introduce athletes, results, progress of events and other game situations. More common in basketball courts and multi-purpose gymnasiums.
  3. Stadium wall LED display: It is mainly installed at one end of the stadium wall for synchronous live broadcast and synchronous display of real-time information. Generally large display.
  4. Outdoor column LED display: This type of display has high quality requirements, and needs to be windproof and dustproof, with good temperature adaptability and adapt to various types of weather. It is generally installed on the large column of the open-air gymnasium.

After understanding the relevant content of the football field screen in the stadium display screen, let’s take a look at the characteristics of the stadium LED display screen and its application scenarios.

Stadium LED display product features

  • The entire control system is redundantly designed to maximize the normal operation of the display screen
  • High refresh rate, high gray scale, low brightness and high gray, meet the requirements of live broadcast shooting in different occasions, and effectively avoid black lines and flicker during live broadcast.
  • The viewing angle of the display screen is large, and the audience is wider.
  • Equipped with professional control equipment and control software, easy to operate.
  • Equipped with a professional audio and video processing system, which supports the processing and switching of various signals.
  • One key to adjust the brightness, and the display can be adjusted according to the brightness of each part of the display
sports stadium led display
sports stadium led display

Common product models of stadium LED displays
P0.75m, P0.88mm, P1.0mm, 1.2Pmm, P1.25mm, P1.562mm, P1.875mm, P1.667mm, P1.923mm, P2.0mm, P2.5mm, P3mm, P3. 9, P4mm, P4.8, P5, P6
Outdoor: P3.2mm, P3.9mm, P4.8mm, P5mm, P6mm, P6.67mm, P8mm, P10mm, P16mm, P20

Application of Stadium LED Display
Stadium LED displays are widely used in different sports venues, such as football stadiums, basketball stadiums, volleyball stadiums, baseball stadiums, racing stadiums, football stadiums, softball stadiums, ice hockey stadiums, handball stadiums, rugby stadiums, etc., schools, parks , museums, exhibition centers and other places are also suitable for placement,

future trends
The unique light-emitting mechanism of the LED industry makes it more energy-saving and power-saving than similar light-emitting sources, which is in line with the current low-carbon and environmental protection implemented in the world.

And in recent years, the stadium LED display is developing in the direction of higher resolution, higher refresh rate, and better display effect. It is expected that in the near future, we can enjoy more low-cost and high-quality stadium LED displays.