What are the characteristics of rental LED display?

Because of the technical advantages of seamless splicing and high-definition display, the rental LED display has a higher refresh rate and level than the LCD splicing screen, so it is often used in large-scale evening parties, concerts, stages and other fields.

Why is the rental LED display suitable for the stage? This is actually inseparable from its characteristics. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of the rental LED display


The LED rental display screen is not only suitable for the performance market, but also launched the corresponding LED die-casting aluminum box. It is not only a simple upgrade of the traditional box, but has been more comprehensively optimized in its structure and performance.

The led rental display screen is a compact rental display screen made of patented die-casting aluminum box.

P4 stage LED display screen
P4 stage LED display screen

Functions that can be realized

As a customized die-casting aluminum box design, the LED rental display screen has important features of light weight and ultra-thin installation. The light and thin box body, fast loading and unloading and transportation, can adapt to large-area rental and fixed installation applications.

The scene, processed by the synchronous control system, can realize various video input signals such as DVI, VGA, HDMI, video, composite, YUV, etc., can play video and graphics at will, realize real-time, synchronous and high-definition information dissemination, vivid color, adaptable strong ability;

rental LED display
rental LED display


  1. Lightweight, ultra-thin and fast installation design, allowing you to complete the disassembly and assembly of the led display in a short time;
  2. Equipped with a professional video processor, capable of SDI, VGA, AV, DP, YPBPR, HDMI and other signals within time;
  3. Realize the arbitrary direction of the signal line, meet the arrangement and placement of different cabinets, and create pictures with different effects;
  4. It can realize 256-level brightness adjustment and white balance custom adjustment, so that different batches of displays can be mixed;
  5. The patented technology mask is used, and the assembly method of alternate clips can realize convenient maintenance. The fixed screws cannot be seen on the front of the mask, and the surface flatness and integrity of the screen are better. When the screen is lit, there will be no light leakage due to screws. cause bright spots;
  6. Using the signal folding technology, the unit modules do not need to be cascaded, which greatly improves the display performance of the product;
  7. Using larger modules, each box has only four spans, which reduces the internal connection and improves the stability of the product. It is not necessary to open the box, and the display module can be directly disassembled from the back of the box;
  8. The aluminum bottom plate is used to replace the traditional plastic shell, which improves the heat dissipation performance of the product while ensuring the flatness;
  9. The rear cover can be removed by removing four screws, enabling quick maintenance and replacement of accessories;
  10. Higher refresh rate and gray level. When a single receiving card is waiting, the display refresh rate can be reduced to 960Hz, the upper limit can be 4800Hz, and the gray level can reach 16bit. The picture is stable and can easily meet the stage. High-end application requirements such as performance and broadcast;
  11. No need to use external fans and air conditioners to reduce noise;
  12. The DC power cord adopts the American standard wire, and the power input adopts the surface mount socket, the power cord is more stable, the line loss of the power supply during the transmission process is smaller, and the input voltage is more stable;
  13. The weight of the box is lighter, and the required installation cost is lower;
  14. The waterproof effect is better, with IP65 waterproof level, even if it is used outdoors, it can achieve stable operation;
  15. The power consumption of the box is lower, which reduces the operating cost in the later stage;
  16. Can provide customized rental screen solutions according to the needs of users and the party scene;

The above is the introduction of the characteristics of rental full-color led display, I hope to be helpful to you.

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