What is 3D LED billboard?

The 3D LED billboard are an important means of attracting passers-by. Through lifelike pictures and shocking visual experience… As soon as the SM Building in South Korea launched a naked-eye 3D large screen in 2020, it rushed to the hot search and attracted everyone’s attention.

The projection passed The naked-eye 3D technology has made the waves in the giant screen immersive, making pedestrians walking under the screen feel like they are about to be swallowed by the giant waves.

SM Building naked-eye 3D large screen
SM Building naked-eye 3D large screen

The naked-eye 3D technology breaks through the presentation method of the traditional LED display. Without the need for equipment, you can feel the realistic and shocking 3D visual effects only through the naked eye.

At present, with the wide application of this technology, the big screen in the city is no longer just a large billboard, but also changes the interaction mode between the public and the public space, and derives an urban screen culture, where people enjoy life and experience art No longer limited to two-dimensional, through technology to create art across dimensions.

It can be said that such a trendy technology is invincible wherever it goes. Therefore, since the second half of 2020, naked-eye 3D display large-screen projects have appeared in large and medium-sized cities in China, bringing a powerful visual feast with the power of science and technology, setting off a boom.

At present, the outdoor naked-eye 3D screen has become a new landmark of Internet celebrities in many cities, including “Chongqing Light”, Chengdu “3D Flamingo”, Guangzhou Beijing Road Pedestrian Street Xindaxin Department Store Project, etc.


8K naked-eye 3D large screen debut in Datang City that never sleeps

On May 1st, at the Aerospace Industry Constellation Plaza in Xi’an Aerospace Base, the mascots of the “Spaceship” and the “National Treasure” of the 14th National Games appeared. The naked-eye 3D large screen is gorgeously unveiled, reproducing the highlight moment of the aerospace base.

3d outdoor led display
3d outdoor led display

Through the full-color large screen with vivid colors and three-dimensional images, the spacecraft and astronauts flew and turned in various postures, making people feel like entering space; “Fancy kicking, “Bearing” is naive, “Jin Jin” is smart and cute, “Zhu Zhu” holds the torch high and opens his arms, and his naive attitude is hilarious… Each exquisite 3D image has been transformed by hard technology. It not only has a cool and shocking visual aesthetic, but also fits the festive atmosphere and the theme of urban publicity.


The first flat naked-eye 3D screen

During May 1st, Shenzhen’s first flat naked-eye 3D screen was opened in the Mixc City, Luohu District, attracting many passers-by and tourists to stop by, becoming one of the most popular online celebrity check-in spots in Luohu.

Naked eye 3D LED display
Naked eye 3D LED display

The large screen combines “new media + naked-eye 3D” technology, with the theme of “Bay Area Hub, Vientiane Luohu”, and the future sci-fi scene as the carrier. While presenting landmarks such as Luohu International Trade, Diwang, and Kingkey, the future of Luohu will be displayed. The urban pattern is presented in the form of a golden space city, implying the forward-looking, innovative and sustainable future development of Luohu as an international financial center.


The first naked-eye 3D large screen is put into operation

Actor Wang Yibo stuck his head out from a large screen in Dongfeng Square and looked out at Kunming City from the window. The characters on the screen seemed to be standing in front of him and interacting with the audience, causing many citizens and fans to stop. This is the first naked-eye 3D large screen in Yunnan with visual effects. After the new high-tech communication platform is officially put into operation, it will become an important window to create a charming neighborhood and enhance the city’s image.

According to the person in charge of the construction of this huge curved display screen, the 3D large screen hanging on the outer wall of the Jinge Center has a total area of ​​2184 square meters, which is equivalent to the size of 6 standard basketball courts, ranking first in Yunnan Province and nationally. third. The screen resolution is 8K, with curved and rounded corners. Due to the use of curved surface smoothing technology at the corners, the audience can enjoy a seamless and realistic naked-eye 3D effect.


Outdoor “naked eye 3D” giant LED display on the street

Recently, in front of Yaohan shopping mall on Zhongshan Road, Wuxi, Jiangsu, a giant outdoor “naked eye 3D” LED display with a width of 61 meters and a height of 17 meters made a stunning appearance, attracting many citizens and tourists to check in.

It is understood that this “naked eye 3D” LED display is the first giant outdoor LED display with a single area of ​​more than 1,000 square meters in Wuxi. The entire screen is composed of 17 million LED lamp beads. It adopts the most high-end LED product technology, information integration technology, and video playback technology. It realizes the combination of 5G+8K cutting-edge technology, and the screen presents vivid and novel naked-eye 3D content and effects. In addition to 3D videos and pictures, daily 2D video live broadcasts can also be delivered through this window.


Naked-eye 3D in the downtown street

At the beginning of the year, in the Zumiao business district of Foshan, a super shocking “3D blockbuster” was “screened” at the intersection. The naked-eye 3D theme video was broadcast on three screens.

This three-screen linkage naked-eye 3D video is an aerospace theme, connecting the contents of three independent screens in series, and using the technique of film editing to show the stories happening in the vast universe on the three screens.

The LED screen of Huahui Building shows the scene of the spacecraft taking the astronauts slowly out into space;

Lingnan Station tells the scene of the spaceship space capsule entering the space station and the astronauts leaving the space station for work;

Hundred Flowers shows another astronaut working in a work chair.


Guanyin Bridge naked-eye 3D giant screen continues to be updated

In 2020, Chongqing’s giant naked-eye 3D screen will appear on Guanyin Bridge. The 3D spaceship that appears on the LED screen is very realistic and makes people feel cool.

Following the release of the naked-eye 3D images of giant-screen spaceships and track-passing buildings, the new “Jurassic Park” theme screen on the 3788 “Light of Asia” giant screen on Guanyin Bridge Pedestrian Street in 2021 will bring a brand-new visual feast and become popular again. The internet.

Chongqing Guanyin Bridge giant screen 3D screen
Chongqing Guanyin Bridge giant screen 3D screen

3788 “Light of Asia” LED large screen incarnates “Jurassic Park”. The “park” is located in a huge natural wonder tiankeng, and dinosaurs such as pterosaurs, spinosaurus, and velociraptors appear. They may fly comfortably, or Walking in the courtyard, or screaming fiercely, the realistic picture makes people instantly travel back to the Mesozoic period of the earth and come to the century when dinosaurs dominated.

According to the relevant person in charge of the operator, the 3788 Asia Light LED large screen has a total area of ​​3,788 square meters and a physical resolution of 8K. The 3D picture will be broadcast to the public every day from 8:20 to 21:50. The best viewing time is in the evening and at night. In addition, if you want to shoot a blockbuster, you might as well stay away from the big screen. The resulting video will be better.


Jiefangbei more than 1,000 square meters naked-eye 3D giant screen

After the large screen of Guanyin Bridge Pedestrian Street took the lead in detonating the naked-eye 3D heat wave, Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street also followed the trend, and a super-bright high-definition naked-eye 3D large screen appeared in the gold C position of the Cross Golden Street. The “Wings of Chongqing” of Jiefangbei Commercial Building is shaped like an inverted “T”, like an eagle flying high.

Space machine monsters coming out of broken windows; gorilla astronauts crawling into your room; Donkey Kong leaning over to catch “pedestrians”; oncoming cruise ship Golden; Exciting and realistic 3D stereoscopic images appear one after another.


Taikoo Li naked eye 3D large screen

Last year’s National Day holiday, Chengdu Taikoo Li naked-eye 3D screen was hotly searched! The spaceship in the short film is lifelike, as if it is about to “fly out” from the curved screen, and many pedestrians have taken pictures of this scene with their mobile phones. In addition to spaceships, there are space stations, monsters and other elements in the video.

3D outdoor naked eye screen
3D outdoor naked eye screen

It is understood that the size of the screen is 888 square meters. In order to match the surrounding walls in different light, the video is also divided into two versions: day and night. The background and details will be slightly different. For example, the background outside the spacecraft during the day is the earth. , only the stars are twinkling in the background outside the spaceship at night.


Glasses-free 3D ultra-high-definition curved LED display

Last year, the 8K ultra-high-definition naked-eye 3D curved screen was also popular when it was unveiled at Xindaxin Department Store, Beijing Road Pedestrian Street, Guangzhou. The total area of ​​the LED display is about 1200 square meters, and its resolution exceeds 9440 dots horizontally and 3520 vertically.

8K ultra-high-definition naked-eye 3D curved screen
8K ultra-high-definition naked-eye 3D curved screen

Many pictures such as “Dragon Soaring” played on the screen are not only beautiful, but also vivid and vivid. The realistic sound and picture are like watching a 3D sci-fi blockbuster in a cinema, which surprised pedestrians and stopped to watch.

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