What is 3D LED billboard?

With the development of technology to the present, very few people do not know or have not heard of 3D LED billboard. Not only because of the stunning effect brought by 3D LED billboards, but also because of the three-dimensional impact that is in line with the current popular “Metaverse”.

The spaceship debuted in Chengdu has occupied the hot search for “3D LED billboards” for a long time.

Chongqing Guanyin Bridge giant screen 3D screen
Chongqing Guanyin Bridge giant screen 3D screen

“Wow the flying saucer is so cool”, “I want to move back to be a TV”, “I’m going to Chengdu”…

The comments of Chinese netizens have made Chengdu a lot of attention.

“About every ten minutes, there is a naked-eye 3D effect for about one minute. It’s too real. It would be better if the playback time was longer. It’s not enjoyable.”

At about 5:20 pm on October 2 last year, a huge flying saucer “flyed” out of the wall on the roof next to the Silverstone Plaza on Chunxi Road opposite Taikoo Li in Chengdu. Pedestrians passing by, many stopped and looked up, and some quickly took out their mobile phones to record videos.

3D outdoor naked eye screen
3D outdoor naked eye screen

The protagonist that everyone pays attention to is a huge advertising screen occupying about half of the outer wall on the roof. It is a naked-eye 3D screen. Many people sighed, “too true”. Neighboring businesses said that there is no need to look at the screen at all. When you find that the flow of people on the road slows down and more and more people stop, the broadcast must be the naked-eye 3D part.

As for whether there will be two versions for day and night, the person said that the size of the screen is 888 square meters. In order to match the surrounding walls in different light, there are indeed two different versions for day and night. Both are In order to present a better visual effect.

It is understood that this naked-eye 3D technology has also appeared on the streets of Seoul, South Korea before.

In Gangnam, Seoul, known as “Korea Times Square”, a monstrous “wave” suddenly appeared.

“Giant Wave” comes from a huge LED screen in COEX artium. The entire LED screen is 80 meters wide and 23 meters high. What is playing continuously on the screen is an illusion projection called “Wave”.

This technology can be said to be very “unfriendly to heart patients”, because both the visual fidelity of the waves and the level of auditory simulation have achieved a high degree of restoration. Standing under the huge LED screen, you will even be afraid of these huge waves. It will break the glass and flood the whole city.

Let’s take a look at the effect:

Although the entire design was launched quietly during the epidemic, so there were not many people on the street, but it still attracted a lot of attention. Korean citizens said that they felt refreshed in such a hot weather.

3D wave screen of the SM building
3D wave screen of the SM building

The screen itself is also loaded with highly restored sound effects, and the sound of realistic waves hitting the glass can be heard from far away, especially for pedestrians walking under the screen.

Combination of “Transfiguration” technology dating back to the Renaissance and a high-definition LED screen.

It must be said that the effect it presents is too realistic and confusing! Is there wood? ! No matter what angle you look at, the waves don’t have any sense of disobedience.

The development prospect of naked eye 3D

Judging from the current market demand for 3D display effects, the development prospect of naked-eye 3D projection is worthy of recognition. 360 interactive photography gives an unprecedented browsing experience, allowing you to feel the environment of the scene without leaving home. Although naked-eye 3D projection is free from the constraints of 3D glasses in the realization of 3D effects, it still has certain limitations in terms of resolution, viewing angle and viewing distance.


The hottest 3D BOX in the market some time ago is a portable smart electronic product (Product) with naked-eye 3D function, which can achieve multi-angle naked-eye 3D effects. projection equipment.

The naked-eye 3D projection technologies that can be implemented include light barrier 3D technology, lenticular lens technology, pointing light source technology, and multi-layer display technology. Interactive projection as a virtual reality technology and motion capture technology. The light barrier 3D technology is similar to the polarized 3D technology wearing 3D glasses. It mainly forms a 90-degree vertical stripe by using a switching liquid crystal screen + polarizing film (film layer that turns natural light into polarized light) + polymer liquid crystal layer series, so as to achieve the stereoscopic 3D effect on the frontal vision.

The lenticular lens technology uses a principle similar to water surface refraction to achieve 3D display. Different from the previous two, the pointing light source technology does not rely on the angular illusion to achieve the stereoscopic display effect, but instead enters the 3D image into the viewer’s eyes in a sorted manner to form parallax between the left and right eyes, thereby realizing 3D display.

3D technology is one of the necessary functions of many display devices, and home entertainment projectors are no exception. In 3D projectors, 3D projection technology has also derived many branches, such as shutter 3D projection and non-flash 3D projection, polarized 3D projection, etc., but the effect display is similar.

Now, no matter what kind of 3D technology, 3D glasses need to be worn, which makes the user’s voice for the naked-eye 3D effect higher and higher. It is believed that with the development of technology, the naked-eye 3D will eventually replace the traditional 3D display effect and enter major displays. field.

At present, the related technologies to realize the naked-eye 3D effect still need to be further developed and improved. Moreover, the application field of naked-eye 3D is not only in entertainment display, but also in cultural relic display, real estate display, military simulation, etc.

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