What is a transparent LED display, what are the features?

Transparent LED display, as the name implies, makes the LED display transparent. From the original opaque, the LED display will appear transparent when viewed from certain angles, reducing the impact of the light board and the structure. People can see the scene behind the display screen clearly.

Such improvement can make the content played three-dimensionally, making people feel like objects suspended in the air, somewhat similar to 3D display images, and it is also convenient for people to observe the objects behind the screen, which is of great value for window advertising. In commercial buildings, It’s easy to see its presence if you keep an eye on it.

Transparent LED display
Transparent LED display

There are two specific implementation methods of LED transparent display in the industry at present: method one, by adding hollow design to traditional LED display, and then matching new patch, drive circuit, control system and new module structure to realize LED display Optimized innovation for transparent displays.

Method 2: It is formed by splicing light bars, with a special structure and signal processing method. Some of them use LED lamp beads to emit light from the side, so that the LED transparent display screen can be viewed from the front, and the side area of ​​the light bar that blocks the line of sight is less and more transparent.

The front-illuminated LED transparent display is not as transparent as the side-illuminated display. However, when viewed from above or below, the transparency is better than that of the light-emitting module (the display screen is viewed from different angles, and the occlusion area is different).

From the perspective of structure, we can find that the realization principle of transparent LED display is not particularly complicated. Therefore, after the appearance of transparent LED display, many LED display manufacturers are eager to imitate. According to statistics, there are no less than 300 LED display in Shenzhen. A large-scale transparent LED display manufacturer.

However, since the transparent LED display has so many manufacturers, it also shows that its demand is still relatively large. This is because the transparent LED display has many characteristics that other LED displays do not have.

Features of transparent LED display

1. High light transmittance, beautiful, does not affect indoor lighting

It is well known that SMD conventional displays do not transmit light, which affects architectural lighting. The LED transparent display adopts forward or side display technology, and the indicator light can hardly be seen by the naked eye, which greatly improves the transparency and allows the appearance of the building to be displayed.

2. Lightweight design, saving the cost of steel structure

The ordinary SMD led display is 42 kilograms per square meter, and the screen size is too large, which is a huge challenge to the steel structure of the screen main body and the original building structure. The transparent LED display can be installed vertically and can be installed independently without glass. When installed behind a glass curtain wall, it weighs only 16kg, which is very lightweight and can be directly connected to the steel structure of the curtain wall with low load requirements.

Transparent LED display
Transparent LED display

3. Strip light pole structure can be specially designed

The conventional SMD display is limited by the cuboid structure, and there are certain seams on the outside. Smart LED Transparent Display can provide perfect contour matching and natural surface transition. Product screens can support various shapes such as cylinders, triangles and arcs.

4. Screen application

SMD ordinary monitors are installed indoors, which may block sunlight and line of sight. The transparent LED electronic screen can provide very stable product performance and will not affect the line of sight.

5. Glass curtain wall, hidden installation, does not affect the shape of the floor

The SMD ordinary screen requires a large-scale steel frame structure during the construction process, which takes a long time and has a certain impact on the appearance and beauty of the building. The LED transparent screen can be easily attached to the wall during installation and improve the overall appearance without damaging the wall.

6. Easy to maintain

SMD package led conventional screen, mainly for follow-up maintenance processing, or the disassembly and repair of the entire box or in the module. The transparent LED electronic screen only needs to replace one light bar, the operation is simple and fast, and the maintenance cost is reduced.

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