What is the difference between rental LED display and ordinary LED display

We often see rental LED display of different shapes on various large stage LED displays, and many people will be curious about the difference between rental LED displays and ordinary LED displays.

As two commonly used LED displays and ordinary LED displays, because there are many models of LED rental displays, we take the P2.5 rental LED display as an example to compare with the ordinary LED installation screen.

Generally speaking, the main difference of P2.5 LED rental display is that it needs to be moved frequently, dismantled and installed repeatedly, so the requirements for the product are higher, and the product shape design, structure design and material selection are all emphasized. It can be distinguished from three aspects:

First, most of the ordinary LED displays are fixed in a certain place, and the size is very standardized, while the rental display requires that it can be easily installed, disassembled, and transported repeatedly, and the staff can complete the work quickly and reduce the labor of customers. cost;

From this point of view, the application scenarios of the two will be different. Such a display screen that is fixed and installed in a certain place is often used in outdoor buildings, monitoring rooms, etc. After installation, long-term and continuous to display the content.

rental led display screen
rental led display screen

The rental LED display screen can be disassembled and transported, so it is suitable for use in some concerts, temporary exhibitions and other places. After these places are held, either the venue needs to be vacated, or it needs to be moved to the next place to continue the performance. If it is an LED display with an iron box, it is difficult to complete this function, and this is precisely the meaning of renting an LED display.

Second, the rental LED display uses a high-density die-cast aluminum box, so it has a strong resistance to slight bumps in transportation and handling. is vastly different;

Third, because of the need for frequent handling, the design of the LED screen itself must be sturdy enough to withstand handling, otherwise it is easy to collide during handling and cause damage to the LED. Even a broken LED light will affect the whole. Effect.

When providing rental screen services to customers, the difference between rental screens and fixed installation screens is that once the fixed installation screen is installed, the effect is immediate, and the rental screen must show a perfect display effect throughout the concert. It is also the most important thing for customers.

Through the above methods, we can easily distinguish the difference between the rental LED display and the ordinary display. In the future, the LED rental display will develop in three directions.

rental LED display
rental LED display

Three major directions for the future development of LED rental screens:

First, with the application of small-pitch LED displays, the dot pitch of rental small-pitch LED displays will become more and more precise, and may even replace the 4K effect in the future. With the development of technology, small-pitch rental displays The price cost will be more and more rationalized;

Second, color correction is very important, because when doing any concert tour or rental market, color correction can realize the flexible scheduling and application of different products, even if there are different batches of products, there will be no color difference. Gap. Therefore, in the future this process may be shortened to implement the out-of-the-box situation.

Third, the control system, the rental supplier needs to go on tour around the world at any time. If there is any incompatibility or mismatch in the control system, it is very tedious for engineers to do follow-up customer service or on-site service. , so the control system is required to better meet the compatibility of different batches of products. This is also a development trend of the Internet of Things in the future, so that it is better and stronger compatible with different standards and models of control systems.

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