What is the market prospect of stadium LED display?

This year, the domestic stadium LED display market has experienced ups and downs. Due to the serious reasons of the new crown epidemic abroad, domestic enterprises have been unable to open foreign markets for a long time, and some export-oriented enterprises have to gradually transfer their markets to China, making the competition in the domestic market gradually enter a white-hot stage.

However, the newly issued documents by the highest governing body in mainland China have provided LED display companies with a new ocean blue market. According to the “National Fitness Plan (2021-2025)” newly issued by the highest governing body in mainland China, in order to improve the public service system for national fitness and make it more convenient for people to exercise, counties (cities, districts), townships (streets) ), administrative village (community) three-level public fitness facilities and community 15-minute fitness circles to achieve full coverage, and increase the supply of national fitness venues and facilities.

A group of mass skating rinks will be built, and more than 1,000 public sports venues will be digitally upgraded. A large number of stadium expansion and digital upgrades have injected a booster and a huge market for domestic LED display companies.

As an essential facility for sports venues, LEDs can make good use of policies to gain huge opportunities. With the increase of new venues, the demand for LED displays for playing sports events will also increase. In sports events every year, LED displays are widely used in event scoring, real-time broadcast of games, etc.

stadium LED display
stadium LED display

LED stadium displays have always been an important part of the LED display segment. Various functional screens such as fence screens, scoring screens, etc. are very mature in the application of stadiums, and new technology has been developed under the condition of continuous technological advancement and innovation. function to bring a new and exciting game viewing experience to the audience.

LED intelligent display service sports and fitness crowd

The application market of LED displays in public stadiums will continue to expand with the optimization policy of the digital upgrade of stadiums. The technology of outdoor LED displays continues to mature, and the construction of smart cities makes digitally controlled smart devices go outdoors. A typical example is the smart light pole screen.

Of course, these outdoor LED screens also give advertising marketers a new advertising platform, and I believe they will also be favored by major merchants. This “Plan” aims to achieve high-quality development of the sports industry and make the sports industry intelligent. The intelligent monitoring and display of outdoor sports scenes will usher in a favorable environment.

In addition, the “Plan” proposes to improve the level of scientific fitness guidance services, and implement the national physique monitoring, national physical exercise standards and national fitness activities status survey system. An effective information transmission channel must be a conspicuous electronic screen in a nearby sports and fitness venue. Only by watching and exercising can the popular science effect become effective.

This means that there is a lot of room for the development of my country’s sports industry in the future. In the future, my country’s sports industry will usher in an outbreak period. Under the circumstance that the market continues to increase, LED display screens need to pull the “sail” of technology in this new market “wave”.

Of course, in addition to good policy support, there are several issues to pay attention to when installing LED displays in stadiums.

Several issues to be considered in the stadium LED display

Specific applications need to be considered. In addition to small LED screens, indoor sports venues (basketball courts, etc.) often have adjustable barrel screens. Several small barrel screens (vertical motion) are shrunk into a large barrel screen, which can adapt to various situations in (basketball) live events. Screen protection for various occasions: For indoor or outdoor gymnasiums, heat dissipation has always been a key part of the screen, especially in multi-climate outdoor screens, high flame retardant ratings and protection levels are necessary.

Generally speaking, IP65 protection grade and V0 flame retardant grade of wires are ideal choices. There are better fans, especially outdoor sports projects, which need to take into account the special climate change environment in our country, such as the key moisture-proof in the southern coastal areas, and the cold-proof in high-altitude areas.

stadium LED display
stadium LED display

In desert areas, heat dissipation issues need to be considered. In such areas, high-end screens should be used to protect the overall brightness, contrast and energy efficiency: outdoor sports displays require higher brightness than internal displays, but it is not the case that higher brightness is more suitable.

For LED screens, it is necessary to comprehensively consider brightness, contrast and energy-saving effects, choose LED display products with high energy efficiency design, and ensure the choice of installation methods in terms of safety, stability and service life: The installation location determines the installation of the LED display. When installing the screen, the stadium should take into account whether the screen requires a landing, wall or wall, and whether it supports front and rear maintenance, installation and maintenance.

Viewing distance of sports LED display

As a large outdoor sports venue, it is often necessary to consider the long-distance viewing of users. Generally, a large point distance display is selected. P6 and P8 are common two-point distances for outdoor sports venues. However, in fact, it has to be considered on a case-by-case basis.
The viewing density of indoor audiences is higher, the viewing distance is closer, and the selection of point spacing P4 and P5 is more suitable. Whether the viewing angle is wide:

For the audience in the stadium, due to the different seating positions and the same screen, the viewing angle of each audience is relatively scattered, and the wide-angle LED screen is used to ensure that each audience has a good viewing experience and a high refresh rate. The choice of a high refresh rate of the screen can ensure the smooth continuity of the scene of the large-scale sports event, and the human eye perceives it more comfortably and naturally.

To sum up, the venues need to pay attention to these issues when choosing LED displays. At the same time, the focus of the selection should be whether the manufacturer has prepared a series of suitable solutions for sports events. For example, from indoor stadiums to outdoor open-air stadiums, LED PM development has been providing a good LED stadium screen solution for the broadcast of large-scale events for many years.

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