What is transparent LED screen?

transparent LED screen is a new type of transparent display product created by the principle of human vision. The structure of the light bar is similar to shutters, and the light beads are evenly distributed on the light bar in a dot matrix. It is generally installed indoors without changing the building space and appearance. It has the characteristics of high transparency, high brightness and bright colors.

Due to its large-area display characteristics, LED transparent screens generally adopt modular design, which can be assembled into giant screens by DIY, with or without frame design, special-shaped splicing, and curved surfaces to present a perfect display effect.

Mainly used in stage and stage beauty, large shopping malls, chain stores, high-end exhibitions, glass windows, architectural glass and other scenes with transparent display requirements.

Hotel transparent LED display
Hotel transparent LED display

LED transparent display is a new star in LED display in recent years. It is loved by the public. For traditional LED display, traditional LED display is cumbersome and consumes a lot of money, which is not conducive to maintenance. In the installation, it needs to consume a lot of transportation and installation labor costs.

The LED transparent display, through its own continuous technological innovation and innovative breakthroughs, not only ensures the lighting requirements and viewing angle range requirements of the lighting structures such as floors, glass facades, and windows in the environment where the product is used, but also has good heat dissipation, resistance to The aging function can be applied in various fields, and the product is also extremely convenient in installation and maintenance. It breaks the limitations of the application of traditional LED displays on glass curtain walls, and is also a major change in LED displays.

In terms of the display principle, the transparent LED display screen is the same as the traditional full-color LED display screen. The LED power supply provides power, the LED display control system is responsible for conveying instructions, the driver IC provides the display program, and the LED lamp beads Responsible for display; a complete LED electronic display is made by fixing the PCB board and the bottom cover. The same is true for the display principle of the LED transparent screen. The difference is that the transparent LED screen adopts innovative technology in structural design and related processes. Makes the display light transmittance higher.

Transparent LED display
Transparent LED display

The transparent LED screen has a transmittance of 50%-90%, which ensures the original lighting and transparent visual function of the glass wall. The LED transparent screen positive paste series products use the SMD lamp beads of the conventional LED display, and the brightness can be as high as 5000CD, so it can be installed indoors for outdoor viewing, and the brightness can fully meet the requirements.

The LED transparent screen can be installed separately vertically without glass. If it is installed behind the glass curtain wall, it can be directly attached to the steel structure of the curtain wall. Its extremely light weight of 16kg/m2 has a very low load on the steel structure, and most LED displays, even if they use a simple iron box, light a single The box body has reached 16kg, and it can be hundreds of kilograms in one square meter.

The special structure of the LED transparent display makes it different from the ordinary LED display. At present, there are mainly two specific implementation methods of the LED transparent display:

Method 1: By adding a hollow design to the traditional LED display, and then matching the new patch, driving circuit, control system and new module structure, the optimization and innovation of the transparent LED display can be realized.

Method 2: It is formed by splicing light bars, with a special structure and signal processing method. Some of them use LED lamp beads to emit light from the side, so that the LED transparent display screen can be viewed from the front, and the side area of ​​the light bar that blocks the line of sight is less and more transparent. The front-illuminated LED transparent display is not as transparent as the side-illuminated display. However, when viewed from above or below, the transparency is better than that of the light-emitting module (the display screen is viewed from different angles, and the occlusion area is different).

Such a special structure allows the LED transparent screen to be customized and spliced ​​to perfect special shapes, and the curved surface transitions are natural and beautiful. LED transparent screen is suitable for outdoor screen application, indoor installation, outdoor viewing, without worrying about waterproof and UV protection, and the product performance is very stable. The transparent screen interactive display device not only allows users to watch the exhibits behind the screen through the screen at a close distance, but also allows users to interact with the dynamic information of the transparent display screen.

Compared with LCD and DLP, LED transparent display screen is widely loved by consumers and favored by the market because of its inherent advantages such as high brightness, no pollution, seamless splicing, and no influence of area.

Transparent LED display
Transparent LED display

In the fierce market competition, LED display screens are gradually eroding the market of other display products with a variety of “creative displays” that break through the routine. In particular, LED transparent screen, as a new star product of LED display screen, is gradually replacing the commercial display market such as LED glass screen and LCD transparent display screen with its excellent uniqueness.

So, with so many advantages and features of transparent LED displays, where should we buy them?

Many industry friends know that 95% of LED transparent screen manufacturers gather in Shenzhen, Guangdong. Shenzhen, where LEDs gather, has been creating the miracle of commercial display and creative display. Therefore, we recommend to directly buy products from LED manufacturers in Shenzhen.

After all, if we buy from LED manufacturers ourselves, it will definitely be cheaper than offline purchases. Because most offline sales stores need to bear high rent and labor, especially in some “golden locations”, the goods are even higher. In addition to very profitable or expensive products, there are still a few who can support this.

However, the location of LED manufacturers is relatively remote. From this point of view, the rent is naturally greatly reduced. In the middle, distributors and dealers have also been cut off, and they are sent directly from the source manufacturer to the customer, regardless of the quality of the product or the product. The prices are guaranteed.

Therefore, we recommend choosing a reliable and large-scale LED display manufacturer, which is the most affordable and most suitable way to buy transparent LED displays. Some customers may worry about transportation. In fact, it is now a global service , Whether it is transportation or maintenance, it is very convenient, and there is no need to worry about transportation.

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