What LED rental?

LED rental displays are used a lot in our lives, such as concerts, stage performances, etc., so everyone is not particularly unfamiliar. It’s just because on the stage, our focus is on the actors’ performance. body, thereby ignoring its existence.

LED rental screen is also a common type of LED display. Unlike ordinary displays, ordinary displays are only installed and fixed in one place most of the time, and cannot be moved, or the cost of moving is very high.

However, the LED rental screen has been specially designed, and the box body is very convenient and quick to fix and disassemble than the conventional display screen. After use, it can be disassembled and transported immediately, and installed and used in the next place, so that it can be played anytime, anywhere, so the LED rental screen Usually used in scenes such as stage and wedding scene.

rental led display screen
rental led display screen

The stage rental LED display mainly has the following characteristics:

First, because of the need for handling, the rental LED screen itself must be sufficiently sturdy, otherwise it is easy to cause damage to the LED due to collision during the handling process. Even if only one LED light is broken, it will affect the overall effect.

Second, the rental LED display uses a high-density die-cast aluminum box, so it has a strong resistance to slight bumps in transportation and handling. is vastly different;

Third, most ordinary LED displays are fixed and installed in a certain place, and the size is very standardized. However, rental displays require that they can be easily installed, disassembled, and transported repeatedly. The staff can complete the work quickly and reduce the labor of customers. cost;

If you look at the above three aspects, you will find that the application scenarios of the two are different. Such a display screen that is fixed and installed in a certain place is often used in outdoor buildings, monitoring rooms and other places. After installation, Long-term and continuous content display is required.

indoor Rental Advertising Fullcolor LED Display Screen
indoor Rental Advertising Fullcolor LED Display Screen

The rental LED display screen can be disassembled and transported, so it is suitable for use in some concerts and mixed weddings. After these places are held, either the venue needs to be vacated, or it needs to be moved to the next place to continue the performance.

One thing to note is that when providing rental display services for customers, the difference between rental screens and fixed installation screens is that the fixed installation LED display can see the effect immediately after installation, while the rental display must be spliced. It will show the perfect display effect.

The above is the introduction of the rental LED display. There are several parameters that need to be understood when using the rental LED display:


The LED rental screen is the same as the conventional display, the brightness mainly depends on the brightness of the lamp bead, the higher the brightness of the lamp bead, the greater the current margin used by the lamp bead, and the more energy-saving the lamp bead. The brightness of indoor LED rental screens is generally around 1000cd/m2, and the brightness of outdoor LED screens is generally above 3500cd/m2, or even 6000cd/m2.


The viewing angle of the LED rental screen is also related to the lamp beads. The general LED rental screen has a horizontal viewing angle of 120°-140° and a vertical viewing angle of about 50°.

Protection class

The protection level of indoor LED rental screens is IP30, the protection level of outdoor LED rental screens is IP65, and the brightness and protection level of outdoor LED rental screens are higher, so generally speaking, the price of outdoor LED displays is higher. You need to understand your own needs and choose according to the actual situation, so as to save costs.

service life

Better quality LED rental screens have a service life of more than 100,000 hours and an average trouble-free time of thousands of hours. And the quality is not up to standard, will be far less than the above value. Therefore, when purchasing, you must not only focus on the price. It is necessary to choose high-quality manufacturers, and then use them with confidence to avoid a large number of after-sales problems.

Antistatic ability

LED rental screens belong to electronic devices and semiconductor devices, and static electricity is very harmful to the display screen. Therefore, LED rental screens must undergo strict electrostatic failure tests before leaving the factory. Generally above 2000V.

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