What should I pay attention to when using LED traffic screen?

The condition of road traffic reflects the level of development of a country or region, and greatly affects the prospect of development. In China, there is a saying that “to get rich, build more roads”. The general economic level of the developed regions is also higher.

In the current vigorous “urbanization” construction in China, the construction of road traffic is a very important part. The convenient highways form a huge traffic network, paving the way for the realization of economic take-off and a harmonious society.

On the other hand, as “urbanization” drives the rapid development of road traffic construction, it also drives the follow-up of other related industries, such as the road informatization construction we are going to talk to you about today. In the process of driving on the road, we can capture a variety of information on the road, and the way to transmit effective information to the driver and passengers in real time through the LED display screen is not widely used on all levels of roads in China.

The application requirements of LED displays in road facilities are mainly reflected in the following aspects: road condition prompts, advertisement push, and information release.

LED traffic screen
LED traffic screen

Road condition tips

The road traffic conditions are ever-changing instantaneously. In order to better help drivers grasp the road condition information and make quick road selections, it is very necessary to set up LED displays that broadcast road condition information in real time in major congested road sections.

Advertising push

When driving on the road, especially on the highway, you will see a lot of huge billboards, most of which are advertisements for real estate or high-margin products such as automobiles, tobacco and alcohol. Previously, such content was mostly advertised with huge banners The form of the brand is reflected, and the appearance of the huge LED display makes the advertising push more flexible and the effect is better.

Information Release

The road sign information on traffic roads has a certain compulsion in dissemination, so the efficiency of information dissemination here is very high, and it is ideal to use this feature to disseminate and publish important information.

In addition to meeting the needs of the above three types of applications in road applications, the LED display screen itself has product characteristics such as unlimited size, high brightness, long life, low power consumption, and strong environmental adaptability.

LED traffic screen
LED traffic screen

It can allow drivers to easily obtain visual information with clear pictures and rich forms, and with the support of Internet technology, it can make the content more flexible and flexible, and the application prospect of LED display in traffic roads is indeed bright.

We have described the application and product advantages of LED display in traffic roads. Although it seems that it has become the first choice for road traffic information release, in fact, it still has some problems that need to be solved and paid attention to, such as driving Security, quality hazards, content monitoring, etc.

affect driving

LED display for road traffic is a typical outdoor application. The prominent problem to be faced is the strong light environment. Therefore, to ensure that the content of the screen is effectively captured, such products require high brightness. Of course, this is exactly the A major feature, 7000cd/m2 ~ 8000cd/m2 is just a standard brightness output under normal ambient light intensity.

And what is the general brightness value of car headlights? Only 3200cd/m2 (peak value), that is to say, when driving at night, a large-sized LED display screen looks like a few The headlights of ten cars are illuminating the opposite driver, which seriously affects the driving safety.

Quality hidden danger

Because the LED display screen needs to be fully exposed to the outdoor environment in the application of road traffic, natural damage such as wind, rain and lightning will affect the normal use of the product, and the LED display screen is built on both sides of the road. After a failure, the manufacturer’s maintenance response The speed is relatively slow, and in this case, it is easy to bring hidden dangers to the safety of adjacent roads.

Content monitoring

Although the mobile Internet is developing rapidly, most of the content update of the current road traffic LED display still adopts the traditional matching player + storage device, which is not flexible and convenient. ignored issues.

As the old Chinese saying goes, when misfortune comes, the source of good fortune depends; The application prospect of LED display products in road traffic is very broad, there is no doubt, but in the process of use, how to better use it, exert its value, and avoid its harm is the need of product manufacturers and managers discussed together.

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