What technical improvements have LED manufacturers made in XR virtual shooting?

In order to deal with the above problems, in the practical application of LED manufacturers, what needs do enterprises pay more attention to? What kind of products did you bring?

Leyard: Dehuo Technology, a subsidiary of Leyard, has launched the DRS-XR immersive simulation system, including 3D stitching technology, infrared motion capture technology, PBR rendering technology, large-screen color correction technology, full visual space, content interaction, virtual and real props Use, free tracking, self-illumination simulation environment system, pre-imaging without keying, etc., to ensure the authenticity of the final display effect.

In addition, Natural Point, a subsidiary of Leyard, provides services for Disney filming with virtual shooting and virtual preview technology, and provides digital human technology services for Mango Wuji and bilibili successively.

XR virtual shooting
XR virtual shooting

Shijue Guangxu: Compared with conventional products, XR shooting requires high refresh rate, high brightness, and higher requirements for gray scale. At present, the refresh rate of Visionox products reaches 7680, the gray level is 16bit, and the brightness of the VSS version is improved by at least 30% (the brightness is determined by the dot spacing).

Structurally, the requirements for the consistency of the black screen will be higher. For the XR Vision, a more suitable mask is being developed to achieve the effect of increasing contrast and other performance improvements.

Jingtai Optoelectronics: XR shooting has high requirements for the consistency of the picture. The main technical indicators are high brightness, high contrast, large viewing angle, and color consistency under different viewing angles. The color mixing effect is related to the flatness of the product pins. Jingtai focuses on the layout of 1415 and 1212 products, and continues to research and improve the display effect of the products.

JYLED: LED screens for XR shooting applications are different from general rental screens, especially for XR film shooting, which require wide color gamut (DCI-P3), high blackness (reduce moiré), anti-reflection, wide viewing angle, High brightness, high consistency and other requirements. The SY1515 of Xinying Optoelectronics will be the flagship product of virtual shooting, and a higher-end highlight product will also be launched at the same time.

Macroblock: There are many advantages to replacing traditional green screens with LED displays, but using LED displays as the background is definitely a challenge for photography. The images seen by the human eye and the images in the lens are often different, so a higher specification LED display is required To meet the needs of shooting.

XR virtual shooting
XR virtual shooting

The accumulated MBI5264 cabinet has a minimum brightness of less than 0.05nit and a contrast ratio of more than 10,000. This high contrast ratio makes the picture more realistic and brings the audience a quantified 16-bit immersive experience.

Nova Nebula: The virtual studio has higher requirements for LED display, and needs to solve problems such as scanning lines, black lines, bright and dark lines, and color deviation. Nova xR virtual shooting control system solution, through shutter adaptation, phase shift and other technologies, enables the display screen and the camera to achieve precise synchronization, and adapts to the shooting parameters of the camera, effectively solving the above problems.

The Nova VMP software installed in the solution can quickly adjust and eliminate bright and dark lines by simply selecting the area to be adjusted on the software interface. And at the input end, the color of the input source of the display screen can be flexibly controlled; at the output end, the effect of the display screen can be adjusted globally.

Summary: In the XR virtual shooting market, the primary concern for hardware is its reliability, consistency, refresh rate, brightness, gray level, wide viewing angle and other requirements, and it is a relatively high-end product. Among them, the light source device is the key device of the LED display. According to the research, the price of the light source device used in XR virtual shooting is significantly higher than that of ordinary products.

It is also worth noting that software control is also a top priority for XR virtual shooting. During the shooting process, the screen needs to cooperate with the camera. In addition to moiré patterns and light and dark lines, there are also various aspects such as the shooting angle, the control of background content, and the degree of freedom of the scene. In this regard, LED display manufacturers and LED display system control companies are also gradually increasing their investment in software, and are committed to using software products to solve problems in XR virtual shooting scenes.

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