high-definition LED displays on the Winter Olympics

In recent years, the state has actively promoted the development of high-definition LED displays. Directory, these HD large screens will continue to support the HD events of the Winter Olympics.Recently, the Central Radio and Television Broadcasting Car has been stationed in the national snowcotive sled center. This is another 5G + 8K broadcast task of international major events after the Tokyo Olympics.

Black technology, high requirements, what do I need to have in the winter Olympics?

The annual sports event is a refurbishment of science and technology. In 2022, the Beijing Winter Olympics will be a technology Winter Olympics. It is understood that 360 ° VR technology platform, 3DAT (3D Athlete Tracking) Technology Platform and VSS Digital Twin Venue Simulation Simulation Systems are applied to this Beijing Winter Olympics, which makes new things to display broadcast software and equipment. Require.

Winter Olympics high-definition LED displays
Winter Olympics high-definition LED displays

As early as in February 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Radio and Television Administration and the Central Radio and TV Terrace jointly issued the “Super HD Video Industry Development Action Plan (2019-2022)”, this year, the second half of this year, Bai City Thousands screen The activities have put forward new requirements for the development of HD display technology in my country’s LED display industry. At the same time, CCTV will advancing the “5G + 4K / 8K + AI” technology in this year’s Winter Olympics, no demand The display of the event and various event hotspot information is displayed in the display hardware and software, and the upgrade of the LED display system in the major sports venues has the upgrade of the image quality and the display frame rate, the system software upgrade has also become clear. , Efficient, stable broadcast basis.

In the Winter Olympics, the ice and snow is an absolute protagonist. Compared with other summer sports, the ice and snow sports venue have long been in a low temperature environment. Though whether it is in the venue or outdoor competition, low temperature is a problem that all electronic devices must overcome. And the speed of ice and snow, the motion range, and the tone of sports impact are higher, and the requirements for the capture and real-time live on-site requirements are higher.

Especially in the field, the viewing screen of the standing scene is provided to the scene screen, it must have a cold resistance. Low temperature makes the object brittle, in a low temperature environment, the display should adopt anti-low temperature raw materials and devices: cold-resistant bottom shell, cold-resistant mask, anti-low temperature waterproof glue, low temperature power supply, etc., or anti-low temperature box, electronic devices and plug-ins .

Winter Olympics LED display screen
Winter Olympics LED display screen

It is necessary to conformic coating and cold treatment for some PCBs, components, and parts that have problems in outdoor LED display work. At the same time, it is necessary to prevent the preventive measures of ice condensation to prevent circuits from appearing under extreme cold conditions. Short-circuit phenomenon, this is highly demanding for the waterproof resistance and post-maintenance of the display. It is grateful that with the maturity of outdoor display technology, the protection and stability of the LED display have met the display task of the Winter Olympics.

As an international event ceremony, the Winter Olympics has this high requirements and high standards for the display quality requirements and equipment stability of the LED display. Beijing as the “Shuang Olympic” city, all the ice projects of all Winter Olympics will be held here.

And the city successfully held eight competition venues, 16 non-competition venues and 31 supporting infrastructure construction tasks, including the construction tasks in the venue, including the display system in the venue.

Winter Olympics high-definition LED displays
Winter Olympics high-definition LED displays

Zhangjiakou National Tilting Ski Center “Snow Ruyi” was also completed on November 30. In the video of Wang Bo, Director Xinhua News Agency, Wang Bo, two LEDs showing large screens in video, showing a stable display effect in ice and snow. With “Snow Ruyi”, the “Snow Tour Dragon” will show a wonderful event to the audience through the broadcast manner.

It has the “most beautiful district”, which will be held as a snow project event. It has built international first-class, filling the domestic blank national alpine ski center and the national snowcot sled center, and set up a convenient scene on the field.

The audience understands the display big screen of the game, and has also introduced various high-tech camera live equipment and 5G + 8K ultra-clearing car CCTV drive, using 5G + 4K / 8K + AI and other black technology to broadcast to large screen playback Let the national and global events focus on the style of the snow events and the trend of the players.

“Plan” support gives the LED display more development opportunities, and recent positive policies are gradually enhance the market activity of the LED display industry subdivision (outdoor large screen, movie screen), essentially The development of the LED display industry has made a strong intensive agent. The development of the LED movie screen will only bring a wave of impact on the movie market, and give the LED display industry a great opportunity.

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