What’s the system functions does the stadium LED display solution to have?

The stadium LED display solution is to apply to the LED display screen integrated solutions to the venue.As a long-term highly synchronized LED display, the stadium LED display is very important in terms of accuracy and performance. Therefore, the conditions to be met are more and more stringent than the general display requirements. many. Let’s take a look.

Video Display

Solution of video LED display screen
Solution of video LED display screen

(1) It can display full-color video images for live broadcast;

(2) Can broadcast cable TV and satellite TV programs;

(3) It can play video signals recorded by live cameras or video programs recorded with video discs and video tapes;

(4) Simultaneously play the image of the designated area on the screen of the control computer monitor, and play various forms of compressed video programs;

(5) Supports playback of various video signals output by VCR, VCD, DVD, LD and other common video equipment, supports PAL, NTSC, HD-SDI, DVI, VIDEO, S-VIDEO, VGA, YUV and other terminal interfaces and other Common input methods.

Text Display

Solution of video LED display screen
Solution of video LED display screen
  • It can display various computer information, graphics, images and two- and three-dimensional animations, and can open multiple windows on the same screen to display various information at the same time, such as videos, texts, images, animations, etc., which can be arbitrarily arranged;
  • Display of large-scale celebrations, literary and artistic activities, sports, background image display, news releases, notices, slogans, and advertising information;
  • It can display all kinds of text or hypertext files, and display Chinese characters in various fonts and glyphs that conform to our national standards.

Display Method

The display mode of LED display screen solution
The display mode of LED display screen solution
  1. While displaying video information, audio effects can be played synchronously;
  2. The video signal can be played with panoramic, close-up and special effects;
  3. Text information can be displayed in interstitial, screen-turning, and scrolling; the type of text-turning or scrolling can be edited at will, such as moving left and right, moving up and down, turning pages, rotating, flickering, color changing, etc.;
  4. When displaying text information, it has the function of displaying Chinese/foreign languages ​​on the same screen;
  5. All kinds of programs in the form of video, animation, picture, text, clock, etc. can be displayed on the same screen by opening a window.

Software Function

⑴Create, open, save, save as and load playlists;

⑵Support the latest 10-bit color display, can display up to 1024x1024x1024=1073741824 colors; conventional can only display 8-bit colors, 256x256x256=1677712 colors

(3) Multiple screen layouts are provided when creating a new list, and the screen layout can also be customized, that is, the function of playing media in multiple sub-windows at the same time can be realized;

⑷ Set list properties, such as whether to play by date, play start and end date, play period, etc.;

⑸ Add and delete windows, add and delete media, and add and delete time periods;

⑹ Set the position, size and background color of each sub-play window;

⑺ Set the special effects of pictures and message subtitles;

⑻ Set media properties, such as setting the playback position and size of video media, special effects, special effects duration, playback duration of image media, etc., setting the content, font color, style, background color, special effects, special effects duration, playback duration, etc. of message subtitles ;

⑼Preview list, preview single media file;

⑽ Set the size and position of the entire playback window and each sub-window;

⑾ Set list attributes and names;

⑿ View and export the play log.

⒀ Able to arbitrarily arrange text, images and animations in “areas” and “periods”; the graphic information can be superimposed, and the screen display can be combined at will;

⒁Meet the requirements of “play by time period” and “play by number of times”;

⒂ The receiving card has temperature detection and fan monitoring output, which can intelligently control the four-way fan speed according to the temperature upper limit set by the user

⒃Gigabit technology, real gigabit technology, never draw frames.

⒄ Point-by-point correction, card-by-card correction function, point-by-point correction supports four correction modes: single point, 2×2, 4×4, 8×8 points, maximum correction 6144 points/module, 256 levels of red, green and blue; card-by-card correction is used for each display screen Chromatic aberration correction between cabinets, 256 levels of red, green and blue.

⒅ 256-level brightness automatic adjustment function makes your display brightness more effective.

⒆ The software and control card can be automatically upgraded online without removing the large screen.

⒇ The maximum transmission distance breaks through to 170 meters, and the reliable transmission distance reaches 140 meters.

Stadium LED display system protection measures

1. Waterproof

The LED display screen in this system is an outdoor electronic device, which works in the outdoor environment for a long time. In order for the LED display to operate normally, the design must prevent any form of water from leaking into the interior of the LED display (especially the light-emitting parts), causing unnecessary failures.

Waterproof box
Waterproof box

The display module is an exposed light-emitting component installed on the front of the display screen. The basic part of the display module is a printed circuit board soldered with LEDs and driving circuits, which is installed in a casing made of engineering plastics.

Its front is treated with glue and sealing process and a mask is installed, and the back is tightly sealed with the chassis through a waterproof rubber sealing ring. The production technology of this outdoor display module is very mature, and has been widely used in outdoor LED display projects by various manufacturers.

The module case that constitutes the display surface of the display screen has also been fully considered for its waterproof performance. Various waterproof sealing measures are adopted. After assembly, each module case must undergo a strict flushing test to confirm compliance with GB4208 – IP65 test requirements in the 2008 standard.

2. Moisture-proof

In order to prevent the electronic components from being damp, mildewed or electrically short-circuited due to moisture in the air, various printed circuit boards in the display module (including the printed circuit boards in the light board, control board, switching power supply and other components) need to be coated with three anti-coatings. Spray treatment. The three-proof coating used by our company comes from the technology of Shanghai Shipping Research Institute.

According to the three-proof standard of ocean-going ship electronic equipment, spraying materials are configured, spraying process is formulated, skilled workers are trained, and this measure is adhered to for all outdoor equipment.

3. Dustproof

Resin encapsulated to prevent dust. Blinds and dust filters are used on the back of the display module box to prevent dust and debris from floating in.

4. Anti-electromagnetic interference

This system is designed to isolate the internal and external electromagnetic environment with anti-interference circuit and photoelectric isolation means to prevent the interference of external electromagnetic environment changes to the LED display system. It has passed the national testing agency GB9254-2008 and GB/T17625 in the product 3C certification. 1-2003 standard test.

5, anti-corrosion, anti-mildew

All standard fasteners in this system (including those installed inside the module box) are made of galvanized products to prevent corrosion.

The metal structural parts in this system are all treated with anti-rust treatment after processing and production. After pickling and phosphating, they are first painted with anti-rust paint and then sprayed with top paint. The thin-plate structural parts such as the chassis are sprayed on the surface to improve the anti-rust ability and keep their appearance clean. After the metal parts are welded, they must be coated with a secondary coating for corrosion protection on the machined surface.

6. Flame retardant

First of all, the material is selected to be flame-retardant from the design, such as PCB board, sealant, PC casing, cable, components, etc. are all flame-retardant materials (flame retardant grade reaches V0 level); The principle of derating is used to prevent circuit failure from causing fire.

7. Anti-static

The harm of static electricity to the LED display is mainly aimed at the light-emitting components on the PCB circuit board and various ICs in the circuit. The company has made targeted design in product design.

The three-proof coating described above has anti-static function. After spraying according to the spraying process, the exposed metal parts such as metal pins of components on the printed circuit board can be completely covered to prevent external static electricity from affecting sensitive components.

In addition, all PCB boards have introduced good grounding measures in the design, and are reliably connected to the signal grounding terminal of the chassis and external metal components to prevent electrostatic charges from accumulating on the LED display components.

8. Windproof and shockproof

The foundation of the LED display screen adopts a steel frame structure, which is connected by bolts or welding. The overall structure has excellent rigidity, and the overall system is safe, stable and reliable. The stress calculation of the steel structure is calculated according to the wind speed of 40m/s and the local seismic requirements. The safety factor is higher than the conventional design standard.

It will not be damaged under the bad weather conditions that may be encountered locally, and the permanent deformation is less than 2mm. The column and beam materials selected by the company in the large-scale LED display project are all famous brand high-quality steel products, the procurement channels are stable, and the material quality has a very reliable guarantee.

The LED display needs not only reliable safety precautions, but also convenience for maintenance personnel to operate. In the design process, our company takes the double consideration of safety precaution and convenient maintenance.

9. Three-level lightning protection technology

According to the lightning condition and the characteristics of LED display products, the comprehensive protection design of direct lightning strike, side lightning strike and ground potential increase has been completed. According to the requirements of International Electrotechnical IEC1024 “Lightning Protection of Buildings” and IEC1312 “Lightning Electromagnetic Pulse Protection”, three-level lightning protection technology is used for prevention.

sports stadium led display
sports stadium led display

According to the requirements of the IEC61643 lightning protection specification and the division of lightning protection zones in the IEC1312 lightning protection and overvoltage specification, the lightning protection for important systems should be divided into three areas, and the low-voltage power supply system should be protected at three levels to shunt (D) The way to achieve the equipotential (B) requirements of each line.

Only single-stage lightning protection may damage the equipment due to excessive residual voltage after discharge caused by excessive lightning current or equipment damage caused by insufficient protection capability. The multi-level protection of the power supply system can prevent the invasion of overvoltage at all levels from direct lightning strikes to industrial surges.

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