Why do the stadium LED large screen have big concern

The 2021 — 2022 Chinese Professional Basketball League playoffs (CBA) have been broadcast live on stadium LED large screen at Nanchang International Sports Center. In order to better serve this event, BOE MLED provided the Nanchang International Sports Center with ultra-high-definition LED dispaly screen.The display screen, combined with the Internet of Things platform, smart terminals and a new generation of mobile communication technology, helps the CBA League National Sports Center to build a smart “brain”, presenting the live pictures of the CBA competition in real time, allowing the audience and players to enjoy the passion of the competition.

It is worth noting that BOE MLED has added a new LED colorful ring screen to the stand on the second floor of the stadium, with a total area of ​​about 409 square meters. Through this ring screen, not only can the real-time game screen, real-time score and wonderful replay be played in a rolling manner, so that the atmosphere of the scene can be instantly ignited, and the audience can enjoy the passion of the game to the fullest and achieve the effect of resonance and interaction.

stadium LED display large screen
stadium LED display large screen

The ultra-high-definition display screen provided by BOE MLED for Nanchang International Sports Center has many advantages in terms of product characteristics. First, its ultra-high contrast makes the image edges clearer and the screen switching is smoother; secondly, this product is light in weight and easy to install. , disassembly, not only saves engineering time, but also provides great convenience for later operation and maintenance; in addition, the product can be maintained at a single point and a single lamp, and the LED is driven by a constant current method, with uniform light emission and low power consumption. With many advantages, BOE’s MLED display greatly meets the broadcast standards of top domestic events and shines in the sports center.

In order to better build a multi-dimensional ecology that integrates technological innovation, achievement transformation, and product services, BOE MLED project team members stick to the front line, while fully protecting the sports players in the arena, they inject scientific and technological strength into sports with hard core strength. On the field, BOE MLED escorted the CBA League, empowered sports with technological innovation, and helped sports athletes to strive for the first place and continue to write brilliantly.

Outside the arena, BOE MLED is also constantly innovating and making breakthroughs. Through technological innovation and scene empowerment, it integrates into all aspects of human life and constantly changes the world with its heart. BOE MLED will be more widely used in large-scale events and competitions with diversified display products and innovative display technologies.

Stadium scoring LED display
Stadium scoring LED display

In the Internet of Things era full of infinite possibilities, BOE MLED will, as always, uphold respect for technology and persistence in innovation, join hands with partners from all walks of life to seek up and down, empower thousands of application scenarios with more forward-looking technologies, products and services, and give back to the society More diversified products and better services, with the innovative road of “Internet of Things on the Screen”, interpret the higher, faster and stronger outside the field!

The reason why the stadium LED display has attracted so much attention is indispensable to the characteristics it contains. Here we take a look at what features of the stadium LED display large screen are worthy of the public’s love.

Features of Stadium LED Display large screen

01 High-definition large screen faithful restoration

For indoor stadiums, Haijia Cailiang has indoor D2.5, D3, D4, P3, P4 and other pitch products. Customers can choose suitable pitch products according to the screen area. In addition to the beautiful visual experience of the audience, thousands of pairs of eyes can always keep an eye on the small movements on the field.

02 High brush does not flash, the picture is sharp

≥3840Hz ultra-high refresh rate ensures stable, non-flickering, and smooth playback of the captured images at the competition site, which is conducive to all-media dissemination, rapid dynamic display performance, and ensures that the edges of dynamic image display are clear and sharp, and the image is more expressive and impactful.

Outdoor full color LED display in gymnasium
Outdoor full color LED display in gymnasium

03 Outdoor ultra-clear detail presentation

For outdoor sports venues, Haijia Cailiang outdoor small-pitch D2.5 can display 4K ultra-high-definition display in only 52 square meters, and 8K ultra-high-definition display in 208 square meters. Point-to-point scanning presents super pixel-level output, and foul details are not missed. , the wonderful moments of winning the gold are played repeatedly, just like the three goals of the Chinese women’s football team’s adversity lore and the Asian Cup championship, which can be played for a few more days!

04 Full glue potting, resistant to manufacturing

Whether it is the Guocai A series using the full open-air scene, or the energy-saving plan of the common anode and partial pressure to meet the needs of energy saving, all Haijia Cailiang outdoor products are filled with polymer fine composite special potting materials for full glue potting. Fully automatic equipment sprays professional three-proof paint, shade, sunny, rain, snow, various climatic conditions can create resistance, to meet the needs of various installation environments.

05 Wide field of view, consistent visual effects

indoor or outdoor led dispaly products all have ultra-wide viewing angles, enabling horizontal and vertical viewing from 0-160° without color cast, combined with optical design optimization to present high-quality display effects, consistent viewing effects at any angle, allowing audiences from different directions on the scene You can feel the shocking visual effect!

The live broadcast of the game, game scoring, timing, schedule information, etc., can be faithfully reproduced on the Haijia colorful LED display, and the ultra-high-definition display allows the fans on the scene to have a visual experience and enjoyment as if they were on the field, and cheer for the athletes. Create momentum and liven up the atmosphere at the scene.

The above is about the stadium LED display. If you are interested in the stadium LED display large screen, you can get in touch with us through the contact information below

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