Why the transparent LED display can be transparent?

As LED transparent screens are getting more and more attention from enterprises in the market, some companies use screens to advertise, many people are curious about this kind of display, why can transparent LED display achieve a transparent effect? ​​How does ed transparent display work? what about?

The LED transparent screen adopts energy-saving and environmentally friendly materials, which not only maintains the ultra-high transparency of glass, but also presents photoelectric display effects through control and realizes video playback. The synonym of LED transparent screen: ultra-light, ultra-thin, high permeability, energy consumption Low!

The “transparency” principle of transparent LED display is revealed

The LED transparent screen has made targeted improvements to the patch manufacturing process, lamp bead packaging, and control system. With the hollow design structure, the permeability is greatly improved. Among the many transparent display technologies, the LED transparent screen is the only design that is not affected by the size and area.

Transparent LED display
Transparent LED display

The design of this LED display technology greatly reduces the blocking of sight by structural components and maximizes the perspective effect. At the same time, it also has a novel and unique display effect. The audience stands at an ideal distance to watch, and the picture is suspended on the glass curtain wall.

When designing the advertising content of the LED transparent screen, the unnecessary background color can be removed and replaced with black, and only the content to be expressed is displayed.

LED transparent displays are widely favored by the market due to their transparency, lightness, ease of installation, energy saving and environmental protection, and are more and more widely used in urban construction in my country. Even in the United States, where advertising monitoring is very strict, it has been greeted with smiles by its government and businessmen. First of all, a major feature of transparent LED displays is transparency, and as a branch of LED displays, it must be that the distance between the dots increases. The smaller the resolution, the better the display effect.

However, in order to achieve a very good display effect, it is necessary to develop in the direction of smaller and smaller spacing, which must also be at the expense of a certain degree of transparency. Therefore, the transparency and dot spacing of LED transparent displays are a dilemma. The choice is also a major problem that it needs to solve at present.

Transparent LED display
Transparent LED display

At present, there are more and more customized modes of LED display screens on the market, and the same is true for transparent LED display screens. Although customization can be more in line with customer requirements, it can be more perfectly integrated with the building. However, this is also the problem faced by many LED transparent screen manufacturers.

At present, the big problem of LED transparent screen is the problem of customization. There are many customized products on the market, and the quantity is small, and the production cycle of customized products is relatively long, including the research and development link, and its production to use is not like At present, mature products are so fast that mass production is more difficult.

Although LED transparent display has entered the market not long ago, it has opened up a new market area, such as urban landmark buildings, municipal buildings, automobile 4S shops, airports, etc., which can be widely used, and also cater to an emerging market demand. .

It is understood that the total area of ​​China’s modern glass curtain wall has exceeded 70 million square meters, which has a huge potential market and can develop into a new blue ocean field in the LED display industry. Therefore, solving the above problems plays a crucial role in digging this huge market.

In fact, with the current LED transparent display technology, it is only a semi-outdoor display product for indoor installation and outdoor display. To make it fully suitable for outdoor installation and application, and to open up a wider application market, there are still many problems to be solved. .

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