P10 Stadium LED Screen


Module size(mm) : 320×160 mm

Module resolution (dot):32×16

Applications: Commercial Screen, football stadium, Perimeter LED Poster, Arena Display, Business Advertising Signs, Road Screen, etc.


Since the 21st century, the domestic sports industry has developed rapidly, and sports events have grown from few to now, such as basketball, football, badminton, volleyball, etc. The most popular is our national ball table tennis. Now the people also pay more attention to sports development. As more and more events are held, people watching the games are becoming more and more popular, and the area of ​​the venues has also changed from tens of hundreds of people to tens of thousands of people now. For example, the Bird’s Nest can accommodate more than 90,000 spectators. For example, the Wukesong Gymnasium, which often hosts basketball and other sports events, can accommodate nearly 20,000 people.

With the increase of the viewing venue, the location of the competition area is unchanged, which makes it difficult for the remote audience to watch the game, especially for the short-sighted audience who cannot buy a suitable location, so the LED sports event screen It has played an important role. Due to the demand, there are large LED screens hanging above many gymnasiums to zoom in on the details of the game and announce the scores. This is a good solution to the back row audience. The defect of watching distance, not only The atmosphere of the game was felt at the scene without affecting the experience of watching the game.

stadium LED dispaly screen
stadium LED dispaly screen

We have noticed that there is a circle of LED fence screens around many stadiums to broadcast and rotate sponsor advertisements. Compared with the traditional billboard form, the LED fence screen can change the advertising image or the rhythm of the rotation at any time. The second is the clarity. Brightness and contrast have been greatly improved, which is of great benefit to the organizers.

LED advertising fence screen application

As the specifications of domestic events are getting higher and higher, the application of venue facilities has to be further updated, intelligent and electronic have become the mainstream, and LED photoelectric technology has been fully utilized.

From the above application examples, it can be seen that the LED display of the stadium is widely used, so many people also want to know its approximate price. Let’s take a look at the price of one square meter of the P10 stadium LED display.

When we buy LED display screens, understanding the price is also an indispensable part of us; recently, we also received inquiries from our customers, in addition to asking about the knowledge of LED display screens that everyone cares about most, as well as various types of screens for In addition to environmental issues, it is more about how the price of the display screen is calculated? How much is an LED display per square meter? So today we are going to discuss this issue with you.

In fact, the price of the electronics industry fluctuates greatly with the fluctuation of raw material prices, the rapid upgrading of production technology, and the strategic adjustment of manufacturers. And some companies will take advantage of the low price to quote some eye-catching prices to compete for customers, and then gradually increase the price for various reasons during the negotiation process.

Because LEDpm has reached in-depth cooperation with manufacturers, our price and cost are adjusted in real time with the price of LED display manufacturers, so that the price is real-time, fair, open and transparent, and will not blind any of our customers.

Stadium LED screen
Stadium LED screen

Do you know how the price of the display is calculated?

Simply put, the price system of the display screen can be divided into the following parts

The cost of the screen body, control system, accessories, steel frame structure, and subsequent logistics and installation costs.

First of all, let’s talk about the cost of LED display

The LED display screen is composed of a display module, a power supply, a box, and a power cable. Among them, the module cost is the highest, and the price difference between the lamp beads and chips used is also large. Usually the price of the screen, which is commonly referred to as such a “board”, accounts for more than 70% of the overall quotation.

2. LED display control system

The LED control system is generally divided into synchronous and asynchronous display systems. But it is basically divided into two parts: sending and receiving. Generally speaking, one sending card corresponds to multiple receiving cards, and the number of receiving cards increases according to the size of the screen. When the outdoor display area is less than 80 square meters, one sending card and 40-50 receiving cards (two boxes and one card) are usually used. Indoor LED displays are more expensive due to higher pixel density.

3. accessories

For the display screen to work normally, many accessories are needed, such as a computer for total control (desktop computer), air conditioner or fan (heat dissipation), lightning arrester, power distribution cabinet, audio amplifier (optional), TV card (optional) configuration), multi-function card (which can automatically adjust the display temperature, brightness, humidity and other physical data), video processor (optional) and so on. The price difference of accessories of different brands is very large, but it has little impact on the overall display effect, so if the customer is a little difficult to choose the price demand, we can adjust the price in this regard.

4. Steel frame structure

The LED display needs to be fixed by a steel structure. Especially outdoor large-scale LED advertising screens have very high requirements for steel structures. The cost of the steel frame structure is second only to the screen body. Because the difference of steel in various places is slightly large, it cannot be estimated normally. Therefore, in addition to the steel parts necessary for the screen body, more steel structure content will suggest that customers go to the local market to purchase, so this part of the budget and accessories are negotiated together.

5. the last thing to say is the logistics and installation related

If you have a skilled installation team, you can save yourself a lot of installation costs. You only need to wait for the logistics to deliver the display to you safely, and you can install it at any time. But if you need technical guidance, our technical business trip also requires a small subsidy fee.

Even if you understand these, you are half an expert, and your cost estimate will be more accurate. If you want to know more about products, but don’t know how to ask, just install your screen body first in the on-site environment Tell us the specific price and size, so that we can estimate the specific price for you relatively accurately, so that you can get the cost information more accurately.