How much does an LED mobile advertising vehicle cost?

The LED mobile advertising vehicle is the product of the rise of the LED display media. Compared with the static car body advertisement, the LED advertising vehicle can carry out mobile advertising by combining the car with the large LED advertising screen and using the dynamic audio and video promotion method. A new type of outdoor advertising media.

Therefore, LED advertising vehicles can widely meet the publicity needs of brand or product promotion, event promotion, etc. Below we will collect some data in the media resource library to share some rental prices of LED advertising vehicles.

The LED advertising vehicle can be equipped with a single red screen or a full color LED display; the car is fixed and silent with generators, audio, computers, power amplifiers and other equipment; it can also be equipped with a hydraulic platform or an artificial platform.

The above accessories are part of the price, and the other part is the price of the whole vehicle. Because the price of the chassis is the unified price of the major chassis suppliers, the overall price of a promotional car is the price of the chassis plus the box modification. Let’s take a small promotional car as an example. Because the configuration of the car is different, its price is about 60,000 to 70,000 yuan.

The price of large and medium-sized LED advertising vehicles ranges from 120,000 yuan to more than 200,000 yuan (according to the customer’s configuration needs). The purchased car is usually equipped with 1 industrial computer, 4 waterproof speakers, 1 power amplifier and 1 console. Allocate LED screen modules of the same definition, and allocate a 30-meter external power cord.

The media specifications of LED advertising vehicles are divided into single-sided and double-sided. The advertising price of a car ranges from 1,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan a day. Of course, the more the time and the quantity, the more favorable the price of a single car, except In addition, there are many factors such as screen configuration, city size, and consumption level that affect the rental price of LED advertising vehicles.

LED advertising vehicles are generally more common in third-, fourth-, and fifth-tier cities. Taking suburban counties around Chengdu as an example, the price of LED advertising vehicles is 1,200 yuan a day, while in prefecture-level cities, the price is slightly more than a few hundred yuan.

Configuration of small LED mobile advertising vehicle

1. The left side of the box is an outdoor waterproof and shockproof full-color display, with an area of ​​3-4 square meters and a size of 2304mm * 1536mm. It can play advertisements, video materials, public welfare information, etc.

2. The right side of the box is a full-color screen (same as the left) / optional glass roller on the right side (size 2304mm*1536mm light box, can place 5-6 pictures for playback) or a monochrome bar screen glass roller (the upper right is a monochrome bar The size of the screen is 2304mm*320mm, and the lower right is 2304mm*1216mm light box, which can place 5-6 pictures for playback.

3. The rear side can choose not to install LED screen or monochrome/full color LED screen (size 960mm*1280mm), which can play numbers and edit text addresses. The way is to open the door on the side.

4. The size of the monochrome screen above the front of the car is 1280mm X320mm, which can play numbers and edit text addresses.

5. The LED advertising compartment is equipped with control system, playback system, power generation equipment, and cab console.

6. The whole vehicle is equipped with ventilation and cooling system and power generation equipment.

7. The power supply system adopts Yihu gasoline 8kw generator.

8. The car body is surrounded by a large body, with a built-in fuel filler, which is beautiful and practical.

9. The overall outdoor LED full-color screen is a sealed box.

10. The vehicle has beautiful appearance and rounded corners.

11. Outdoor waterproof and shockproof full-color screen, the red, green and blue tubes are Taiwan Epistar, the IC accumulation is 5024, and the overall brightness reaches 6800cd. Three-year warranty on the screen.

12. One side of the screen is equipped with hydraulic lifting, and the lifting height is 1.5 meters.

Mobile advertising car is a kind of walking advertisement, which is not limited to any place. It can be parked in the lively talent market, pedestrian street and square for publicity, and the publicity can also be distributed in several ways, such as flyers, advertising broadcasts, audio broadcasts, and stage romances. Users are welcome to come to visit and book a car.

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