What are the benefits of a mobile LED advertising vehicle?

The information of the mobile LED advertising vehicle impacts our perception,The information in our eyeballs makes up everyone’s sensory world. This “world” also has local differences due to the wide angle of our perspective. What we do determines what we see, and to a certain extent it becomes an objective reality that cannot be changed in our minds.

We need to go to the world, and the world is not eager to go to us. The LED advertising car, this unique innovation, can finally bring the colorful world to your eyes and let the colorful world show itself.

The advertising vehicle has a novel form of expression, its streamlined appearance and creative methods are the first in the country, and it has become the darling of new media; choosing LED advertising vehicles not only requires less investment, low cost, and quick results, but also operates on a national network to achieve nationwide resource sharing. , information exchange, forming a powerful network platform.

Moreover, the company has a strong follow-up support, providing professional services and technical support around the clock, and the humanization is a professional and innovative team backing up, constantly innovating the team, and ensuring the development space of cooperative agents. Under the new form of advertising, the LED advertising vehicle leads our eyeball era with its unique performance.

It not only has a full-color screen, but also has high brightness, stable performance and impact resistance. The screen is three-dimensional, vivid, clear and dynamic, and is equipped with a light control system, which can adjust the brightness of the screen according to the outdoor light.

The combination of dynamic and static pictures can complete multi-form, multi-directional and various types of information release, and is equipped with a TV receiving card, which can receive cable or wireless set-top box TV signals. The visual range is wide, the audio-visual shock is strong, and the communication effect is obvious. Perfect.

1. Multi-function and mobile: It is convenient to move, and can change the location and information at any time, without the tedious installation and disassembly process, the screen can be combined with static and dynamic, and it can receive wired or wireless set-top box TV signals, and cooperate with live broadcast and TV broadcast. Wide visual range, strong audio-visual shock, and obvious communication effect

2. Wide coverage: LED mobile media vehicles can carry out media operations at different points and places according to customer needs, directly face the audience, and achieve the most intuitive and effective publicity goals. After the media equipment reaches a certain number, a media network can be established in the city. According to the development of the local economy, a media publicity network that can fully control and cover the whole city can be established.

3. Improve the image of the city and add icing on the cake: the LED mobile advertising body is designed by Italian famous teachers, the model is elegant, the picture is three-dimensional and vivid, and the brightness is adjustable; it adopts P10 full-color LED display, which is visually stunning at the same time. It will give you elegant and elegant aesthetic enjoyment, without tedious construction projects, the LED screen is integrated with the car, the appearance pattern can be customized according to the needs, and the personality is unique. It will definitely become the focus of urban publicity and a beautiful landscape.

4. Environmental protection, low-carbon and energy-saving: The LED mobile advertising vehicles we produce adopt traction transportation methods, as well as self-powered transportation methods, self-provided audio systems and multimedia playback systems to meet the needs of various media publicity, and the screen has automatic energy-saving The brightness of the LED screen can be adjusted according to the outdoor light, which can effectively save energy and avoid reuse and disassembly.

With strong mobility, it can select audiences in a targeted manner, and change the propaganda location according to different needs. It is simple and convenient, and does not require on-site construction and construction.

5. Safe and convenient. The factory equipment has all been strictly inspected, and can effectively resist earthquake, rain, and wind resistance up to 8. The body is made of steel, and it is equipped with a handbrake and crash brake two-in-one system to ensure the safety of each operation.

6. Scientific and technological support: It has the function of live broadcast, is equipped with a military computer, uses a P10 three-in-one full-color LED screen, can be used continuously for 100,000 hours, and adopts an imported hydraulic lifting system to ensure smooth use.

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