How to prevent the problem of water leakage of outdoor p2.976 rental LED display?

How to waterproof and moistureproof, has always been the problem of p2.976 rental LED display. Because the environment in which the outdoor LED screen is waterproof is more complicated than the indoor environment, not only the problem of humidity should be considered, but also the daily maintenance work such as waterproofing should be done well. Therefore, in the production and construction process of the outdoor LED screen, Waterproof precautions are required.

In the specific construction site, the structural design is combined with prevention and drainage. After the structure is determined, according to the characteristics of the structure, the sealing strip material with the properties of hollow bubble tube structure, small compression set and high breaking elongation can be considered; after selecting the sealing strip material, it is necessary to Features, design appropriate contact surface and contact force, so that the sealing strip is squeezed to a dense state. In some installations, waterproof grooves and other locations, do key protection to ensure that there is no accumulation of water inside the display.

rental led display screen
rental led display screen

Finally, for the outdoor waterproof led electronic screen, it needs to be used frequently, because the working display screen itself will generate some heat, which can evaporate some water vapor, greatly reducing the possibility of short circuit caused by humidity. Here, it should be noted that in the rainy season, the LED display should be used at least once a week, and the screen should be turned on at least once a month for more than 2 hours.

If the LED display screen is unfortunately flooded, use a fan or other tools at the fastest speed to completely dry the water-filled LED display screen. Secondly, the fully dried screen should be energized and aged. In addition, do not put the LED screen body that has entered the water into the air box, it is easy to suffocate the LED lights.

After the air box is filled with water, it is necessary to expose all the air boxes to the sun to prevent the water from volatilizing into the LED display after packing; if the water-inlet LED display is not treated in time, it may affect the stability of the screen, and emergency treatment should be carried out to prevent After the screen is powered on, the lights continue to die.

rental LED display
rental LED display

Through the above prevention methods, there is no need to worry about the problem of waterproofing. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of JYLED’s outdoor p2.976 rental LED display.

(1). “High stability”: adopt two-way backup and half-fold mode to reduce problems caused by accessories

(2). “High flatness”: The use of high-quality unit boards reduces the assembly gap of the entire screen, improves the product flatness of the screen, and effectively uses the LED receiving card control system, without losing the high refresh rate. , but also reduce product cost.

(3). “Light and thin coexist”: All-aluminum box body is die-casting, each standard box weighs only 10-15kg, and the thickness is only 75mm; it makes the installation, disassembly and handling of the display screen more convenient and fast, and also greatly improves the The customer saves the storage space, the cost of the air box and the subsequent storage and handling costs;

(4). “Easy installation and disassembly”: professional hoisting and assembling structure design, reduce the trouble of user screen assembly and disassembly, shorten time and improve work efficiency;

(5). “High brightness, high contrast, high refresh rate, high stability”: the use of high-quality raw materials, combined with our company’s superior R&D technology and production process, makes the display screen perform better and more stable;

(6). “Concise, beautiful and generous”: By optimizing the structural design of the cabinet, it presents customers with a simple and high-end product image that complements the exquisitely arranged stage. Using a thin and portable die-cast aluminum box, the outdoor p2.976 rental LED display reflects the high-end atmosphere.

(7) .”Easy to operate”: Through the humanized power supply and signal indicators, it is convenient for engineers to monitor the running status of the screen in real time. If there is a fault, they can make adjustments quickly.

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