The Ultimate LED display of the Winter Olympics shines the world

The China’s Beijing Olympic Games to use Ultimate LED display screen with Japan’s Tokyo Olympic Games, in stark contrast.Last year,The Tokyo Olympics must have brought a “deep impression” to everyone. After layers of twists and turns, the Tokyo Olympics finally reached the opening ceremony. In order for Chinese netizens to see the demeanor of Chinese athletes in the Olympic Games, the domestic media transported OB trucks from China to the Tokyo Olympics in Japan.

However, the opening ceremony, which cost 16.5 billion yen (about 970 million yuan), was criticized by the audience for its thrilling, terrifying, and dark performances. The Japanese performance style full of “mourning culture” seems to be far from the Olympic spirit theme of peace, unity and friendship, making the atmosphere of the whole event full of strangeness at the beginning.

Netizens recalled the 2008 Beijing Olympics held in China. When the huge picture scroll composed of LED screens was unfolded, it was amazed and admired by the audience of 100,000 people and people all over the world. The LED display is also considered to be an important “black technology” that amazes the world at the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Winter Olympics high-definition LED displays
Winter Olympics high-definition LED displays

Under the splendor is the support of the ultimate LED display

Since the Olympic Games were held, the opening ceremony has evolved from a simple and simple ceremony to today’s visual art blockbuster, becoming the most exciting and gorgeous part of the Olympic Games. The opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games are more creative each time. The organizers use various technological means and creative displays to clearly and intuitively map the history, culture and modern features of each Olympic host city and even the country.

Inventory of the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games in recent years: The 2016 Rio Olympic Games is the most simple, relaxed and happy opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in the past. Geometric projections, bright colors, and irregular stages present a stunning stage effect. The exquisite creativity and passionate dance left unforgettable memories for the audience.

The opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympic Games fully demonstrated the history, culture and modern social customs of the British Isles with its brilliant lighting and creative stage set-up and program forms, presenting a visual feast to the world. The opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is regarded as the most spectacular and grand opening ceremony in the history of the Olympic Games.

For 4 hours, the fusion of light and shadow technology and Chinese culture fully demonstrated the majestic beauty of our country. The 147-meter-long, 27-meter-wide huge LED display screen immediately became the focus of the entire performance. In one performance after another, it narrated the long and splendid history and civilization that our country has inherited for more than 5,000 years.

In the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, in addition to the eye-catching huge “reel”, LED technology was also used in other performances: the LED decorative lights on the performers, the LED light source for the Olympic rings rising in the air, the bird’s nest Rebroadcast and provide LED screens for live audiences on the stands of the venue.

The application of LED displays in the Beijing Olympic Games is not limited to the opening ceremony

In the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the number of renovated and newly built stadiums was numerous and unprecedented, and a large number of LED display screens were used as the equipment for live broadcast and score display of the game. The construction or transformation of the LED display system of 8 venues including Tianjin Stadium and National Olympic Sports Center Stadium for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Most of these LED display devices are independently developed and manufactured by my country, and their applications in venues mainly include full-color LED large screens, indoor and outdoor LED fence screens, indoor and outdoor bleacher screens, bucket LED screens, and timing scoring LED screens. , Press conference room display, etc. The large LED screens that can be seen almost everywhere in the stadium truly realize the real-time broadcast of the live game, the score and the tidbits of the game to the audience, meeting the interactive needs of the audience and the stadium.

In addition to the installation of indoor LED displays in new sports venues, Beijing has also built a number of Olympic cultural plazas. These Olympic plazas all use LED full-color displays as the carrier for the release of Olympic publicity information and the broadcast of Olympic games.

The LED “Morgan giant screen” with a total area of ​​3,400 square meters also appeared in the Morgan Pangu Grand View Plaza built in the Beijing Olympic Village. And the information dissemination LED display screen built outdoors like this will also report the scene of the Olympic Games to the public as soon as possible during the Olympic Games.

In addition to its grand visual effects, the LED display is also obvious to all because of its energy saving and power consumption, which is in line with the low-carbon environmental protection currently being implemented around the world. Through data experiments, it is known that the same one-square-meter display, the LED display composed of LEDs, etc., consumes 25%-35% lower power than the LCD display. Therefore, such as the Winter Olympics, the screen reaches tens of thousands of square meters. , the power consumption saved is unmatched by other electronic devices.

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