From “Front scenes” to “behind scenes”, the secret of XR virtual shooting against the trend

The process of 2022 is almost halfway through,In the LED display market where demand has dropped significantly, XR virtual shooting has shown new vitality. Since the fourth quarter of last year, LED display manufacturers have also started a number of cooperation in film and television, and built virtual studios in many places.

Obviously, compared with last year’s XR virtual shooting market, it has passed its infancy and entered a new round of development cycle. So under the new cycle, where does XR virtual shooting technology go? How will the future develop? What impact will it have on the LED display industry? To this end, we have united a number of representatives of the LED display industry, and visually interpret the current XR market from three aspects: display screen, packaging device, and display control.

First of all, what is the main responsibility of the LED display in XR virtual shooting? In the current XR virtual shooting project, the LED display mainly acts as the environment for set simulation. It is reported that in the XR virtual shooting, the hardware display part includes LED electronic large screen, large screen splicer, external video module, multi-channel rendering server and control server.

XR virtual shooting
XR virtual shooting

The current XR virtual shooting projects mainly use small-pitch and high-density LED displays to build a simulated display environment. According to the feedback results of many LED display manufacturers, the current XR shooting main push point spacing in the market is P1.9mm, P2 .6mm, P2.8mm, the resolution of the entire stitching can be as high as 8k (7680×4320), and the area after stitching can reach more than 20 square meters, so as to achieve a clearer simulation effect.

If it is replaced with LCD, at such a high resolution, it is easy to have fine seams in the splicing, and when the LCD adjusts the brightness, the stability of the picture will also have a greater impact.

Some people may also consider projectors, but in fact, compared with projectors, the cost of a 4-6-sided simulation environment built with small-pitch and high-density LED displays is much lower than that of using 4K (3860×2160). ) resolution projector.

In specific shooting, if the quality of the LED display used is poor, it is easy to cause problems such as scanning lines, light and dark lines, color shift between LED screens, low-brightness flicker caused by camera distance and background offset, etc.

XR virtual shooting
XR virtual shooting

Once the above problems occur during the shooting process, it will take more time and cost to solve in the later stage. Therefore, when using a high-definition small-pitch LED display in the XR virtual project shooting, it is necessary to use a small-pitch LED display with good quality and stable performance.

Because high-definition LED small-pitch displays are far lower than other equipment in terms of cost and maintenance difficulty, will projects like this continue to be popular in the future?

Can the market for XR virtual photography continue to grow?

According to the data feedback from major LED display manufacturers, since XR virtual shooting became popular last year, LED display has achieved certain achievements in this aspect.

  • According to Unilumin’s 2021 annual report, the sales of ROE, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Unilumin, in the global XR market have grown significantly, with XR business revenue of 980 million, an increase of 139.59% over the same period last year;
  • Alto Electronics has also signed a new contract in the field of XR virtual shooting The contract exceeded 150 million yuan, and a total of 21 XR virtual studio projects were undertaken;
  • JYLED also signed an order of 38 million in Europe, and won unanimous praise from customers. In addition to the above display companies, many companies It also gradually accelerated the layout of XR virtual shooting during the year.

All kinds of data show that the high-definition small-pitch LED display has broad prospects for XR virtual shooting, and there will be more room for development in the future.

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