Why do the stage like to choose LED rental display?

As the main display equipment in today’s performances, LED rental display are also constantly updating technology and categories to better present stage effects. For example, ultra-thin LED rental stage displays can create a variety of creative shapes, gradually Participate in the stage design and become the source of inspiration for stage design.

The main reason why the stage uses so many LED rental displays is its advantages. Let’s take the P2.5 LED rental display as an example to see some of its basic information.

Parameters of P2.5 LED rental display

  • Pixel pitch:2.5mm
  • Pixel density:160000Dots/㎡
  • Pixel composition:1R1G1B
  • Lamp package:SMD2020
  • Size (length*width*thickness):320*160*14.5mm
  • Weight:0.43kg±0.01kg
  • Structural features Light and driver in one
  • Unit board resolution:128*64=8192Dots
  • Input voltage (DC);4.5±0.1V
  • Maximum current:≤5A
  • Unit board power:≤23W
  • Drive mode:1/40 constant current drive
  • 5-6 sheets of 40A power supply with unit boards
  • 80A power supply with unit board number 10-12
  • 40A PRC power supply with unit number of boards 6-7 sheets
  • Brightness:≥500cd/㎡
  • Brightness uniformity:>0.95
  • Horizontal viewing angle of the screen: 140±10 degrees
  • Screen vertical viewing angle 130±10 degrees
  • Best sight distance: ≥2.5m
  • Use environment indoor
  • Maximum power per square unit board ≤439W/㎡
  • Power distribution (maximum power per square ÷ 78% ÷ 85%) ≤663W/m2
  • Grayscale Red, Green, Blue 12-16bits each
  • 4.398 billion display colors
  • Frame changing frequency ≥60 frames/second
  • Refresh rate:≥3840Hz
  • Control method Computer control, one-to-one correspondence, video synchronization, real-time display
  • Brightness adjustment 256 levels manual/automatic
  • Input signal DVI/VGA, video (multiple formats) RGBHV, composite video signal, S-VIDEO YpbPr (HDTV)
  • Service life ≥100,000 hours
  • Mean time between failures ≥10,000 hours
  • Attenuation rate (working for 3 years) ≤15%
  • Continuous runaway point 0
  • Discrete out-of-control point <0.0001, 0 at the factory
  • Blind spot rate <0.0003, 0 when leaving the factory
  • Working temperature range -20-40℃ Working humidity range 10%-65%RH (no condensation)
  • Protection performance over-temperature/overload/power-down/image compensation/various correction techniques/overcurrent/overvoltage/lightning protection (optional)
  • Screen horizontal flatness <1mm/㎡
  • Screen vertical flatness <1mm/㎡

Through the above parameters, we can see that the performance of the P2.5 LED rental display is very good in all aspects, so it can be easily matched in various application scenarios. Like the previous “Song God” Jacky Cheung concert event held in Hong Kong , it was applied to the ultra-thin P2.5 LED stage display.

indoor Rental Advertising Fullcolor LED Display Screen
indoor Rental Advertising Fullcolor LED Display Screen

Due to the complicated stage design scheme and the extremely high requirements for stage effects for panoramic display, JYLED was invited to customize hundreds of special-shaped screens, such as arc, triangle, Circular, trapezoidal, etc., finally create an immersive stage experience effect, and achieve a classic stage design!

The rental LED display is an LED display application product with the characteristics of light weight, small footprint, and easy storage and storage. Double-sided, cube and other modeling schemes can also create an immersive stage scene experience!

Judging from these parameters and characteristics, only stage rental LED displays can be well qualified for this task. This is why many stages prefer to use stage rental LED displays.

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